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I have 100 of .gz files which I need to de-compress. I have couple of questions a) I am using the code given at http://www.roseindia.net/java/beginners/JavaUncompress.shtml to decompress the .gz file. ...

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How to compress in Java several files in one .gz file ?

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I am unzipping a huge gz file in java, the gz file is about 2 gb and the unzipped file is about 6 gb. from time to time it the ...

4. How to print the content of a tar.gz file with Java?    stackoverflow.com

I have to implement an application that permits printing the content of all files within a tar.gz file. For Example:
if I have three files like this in a folder called testx:
A.txt ...

5. How to Compress/Decompress tar.gz files in java    stackoverflow.com

Can anyone show me the correct way to compress and decompress tar.gzip files in java i've been searching but the most i can find is either zip or gzip(alone).

6. Untar a tar.gz file    coderanch.com

I used the code given at the end to untar a tar.gz file. It works fine for few files. But for some files it gives FileNotFoundException. Can someone please suggest what is wrong with the code given below? Thanks in advance. import java.io.File; import java.io.FileInputStream; import java.io.FileOutputStream; import java.io.IOException; import java.util.zip.GZIPInputStream; import org.apache.tools.tar.TarEntry; import org.apache.tools.tar.TarInputStream; public class untarFiles { public static ...

7. Error Extracting a file from a TAR.GZ archive    coderanch.com

As with all of these types of problems when an error occurs, try to do fewer things at once. So in your case: Firstly, can you extract the archive in an external program which you know works? If not, the file is corrupt and your program is probably fine! If it opens okay, continue to investigate... Write a test program which ...

8. How to extract a .tar.gz file?    coderanch.com

Hi all, I tried using GZIPInputStream on the file of type .tar.gz and wrote the outputstream which returned a file of type VisualPax Archive instead of a .tar type. So, I am not able to use any Runtime code to run "tar xvf" on the generated output file and untar the folder. Please let me know how to extract the folder ...

10. Created *.tar.gz file is 0 KB    forums.oracle.com

filePath: D:\abc\abc-1.ppp filePath: abc-1.ppp filePath: D:\abc\abc.ppp filePath: abc.ppp java.io.IOException: writing to an input buffer at org.apache.tools.tar.TarBuffer.writeRecord(TarBuffer.java:340) filePath: D:\abc\abc.tar at org.apache.tools.tar.TarOutputStream.putNextEntry(TarOutputStream.java:195) filePath: abc.tar at zipping.CreateTarFile.addToTar(CreateTarFile.java:103) at zipping.CreateTarFile.main(CreateTarFile.java:154) filePath: D:\abc\abc.tar.gz filePath: abc.tar.gz java.io.IOException: writing to an input buffer at org.apache.tools.tar.TarBuffer.writeRecord(TarBuffer.java:340) at org.apache.tools.tar.TarOutputStream.putNextEntry(TarOutputStream.java:195) at zipping.CreateTarFile.addToTar(CreateTarFile.java:103) at zipping.CreateTarFile.main(CreateTarFile.java:154) java.io.IOException: writing to an input buffer filePath: D:\abc\abc.ttt at org.apache.tools.tar.TarBuffer.writeRecord(TarBuffer.java:340) filePath: abc.ttt at org.apache.tools.tar.TarOutputStream.putNextEntry(TarOutputStream.java:195) at zipping.CreateTarFile.addToTar(CreateTarFile.java:103) at ...

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I understand that yawmark . But the thing is, when the thread gets no answer, it's not because no one is motivated (nice way to put that), it's more like sometimes it's the time zone.. the people who could answer are not online when the thread is created.. and when they are, the thread is resting in peace. Anyways, thanks.

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16. Extract tar.gz file    forums.oracle.com

By words "could not do it" , it should be very much clear that - i could not extract the file tar.gz completely. That is what the actual problem is. I understand people should have commonsense to understand it. Anyways it looks clear that without using 3rd party, it is not possible to solve it. So thanks for your suggestion. Other ...