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1. How to set password for zip file using java?

I need to create one new zip file and set password for that zip file using java.Is it possible using java.util package. or i should use any other libraries.Can anyone help ...

2. Third party component for zipping and unzipping using password

Hi folks, I am working on a project wherein i have to zip and unzip a file using password .I downloaded a java component ,but was unable to efficiently unzip my zip files using password. Can any body suggest me a java library/component that will accept a file and do zipping and unzipping with a password. I will also be really ...

3. How to password protect a zip file?

"Password-protected" only means something for a file format if that file format provides a way to provide a password and prompt for it. So general questions like that are useless. It's possible, for example, that iText provides a way to password-protect a PDF file. (If PDF even supports such a thing, which I don't know.) But you'd have to look in ...

4. How to password protect a Zip file

5. how to set password for a zip file and should be checked when reading that

Heyy man, i think, u did not get my problem. all i have to do is: i have to create a zip file, and we should secure it with password when creating. and whenever the user wants to open that zip file he should provide correct passowrd otherwise he could not read that file. So, we should check for that also. ...

6. zip folder and set password

hy @ all! I'm trying with JavaDB (embedded). At startup I need to look if database already exists. For this scenario I thought that, when finishing working with application I zip my database and set password on it and deleting folder with database. when user starts application he/she has to enter the password and then the zip-file is going to be ...

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