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1. Renaming a File/Folder inside a Zip File in Java?

I have a zip file containing a folder structure like

  • main-folder/
    • subFolder1/
    • subFolder2/
    • subFolder3/
      • file3.1
      • file3.2
I would like to rename folder main-folder to let's say versionXY inside that very zip file using Java. Is there a simpler way ...

2. Using ant, rename a directory without knowing the full path?

Given a zipfile with an unknown directory, how can I rename or move that directory to a normalized path?

<!-- Going to fetch some stuff -->
<target name="get.remote">

    <!-- Get ...

3. How rename a file in a zip archive with Ant?

All is in the title. Just to be complete, I just want to rename the file without modifying it. Manu

4. How can I rename a ZIP File??

Sounds to me like you need to delete "" before renaming "" to "". Note - rename does not work across file volumes i.e. it does not move a file from one volume to another. If you need to do this then you need to 1) Create the new file 2) Copy the new file over the old file. 3) Delete ...