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1. TrueZip Recursive Unzipping?

Does anyone have experience with the TrueZip java library? I'm trying to do what should be a simple task, unzipping an archive that contains subfolders, and I've so far been ...

2. How to open password protected zip file using truezip library in java

Please show me sample of code how to open password protected file using truezip library. If you don't have a link to sample code please show me method to open this file. ...

3. problem with truezip - when debuging, a strange exception is thrown

i have a strange problem with truezip. i run the following code:

    TFile.setDefaultArchiveDetector(new TArchiveDetector("zip"));
    String zipFile = "c:\\test\\";
    TFile dstZip = new TFile(zipFile);