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1. Why I get an Exception on opening an empty ZIP-file with

I want to open a ZIP-file, that have no entries with But on the constructor I get the following exception: ' error in opening zip file'. How can I open ...

2. ZipFile inside a ZipFile

I have a zip file which can contain any number of zipfiles inside it (recursively also). I need to iterate over all of them. Right now, i have a function which takes ...

3. detecting binary files and character encodings in zipfiles

When reading zipfiles (using Java ZipInputStream or any other library) from an unknown source is there any way of detecting which entries are "character data" (and if so the encoding) or ...

4. when does throw IOException?

Under what circumstances would throw an IOException? Its method signature indicates that it can be thrown, but from the source code there doesn't seem to be any place ...

5. unzip a zipfile in the same hierachy using java.util.ZipFile

given a zip file with multiple nested directory structure, how do I unzip it into the same tree structure? does ZipFile.entries() provide the enumeration in any order?

6. JVM crashes at ZipFile.getNextEntry() - part of POI's BigGridDemo

I have a Java application to generate Excel sheets. I am doing it based on the BigGridDemo Example of Apache POI to generate Excel(xlsx). The idea is to

  1. create a template ...

7. FileNotFoundException when trying to unzip an archive with

I have a silly problem i haven't been able to figure out. Can anyone help me? My Code is as:

String zipname = "C:/";
    String output = "C:/1100";

8. Using