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1. How to get parameter in a .bat file from a java project

Yesterday I asked this post, but I am still having problems when I try to run this .bat file from my java project.

@echo off
set filename=%1
echo %filename | sed 's/\([A-Z]\)/ \1/g';
The ...

2. how to pass parameters to batch file using java textbox

I am running a batch file, where I want to pass parameters from Textbox Batch: test.bat

@echo off  
set par1=%1  
echo Parameter 1 is %par1%  
mkdir %par1%
 Process p ...

3. problem with parameters when running from bat file

i have jndi.parameters but when i run my producer from bat @start "Supply Chain Management-Producer to Queue" run Producent queue1 queue2 queue3 queue4 queue4 is truncated to qu and that's why i get usage: when i run the producer (producent) i changed the buffer size but it still truncates it

4. Running batch files thraugh java by passing parameters

Hi I want to run a batch file by passing some parameters. Eg: copy.bat "D:\live\hoe.txt" "D:\test" while doing this from command prompt its working and i have written some java code for running this batch file. String live="D:\\live how.txt"; String test="D: test"; String bat="D: copy.bat"; String[] command = new String[3]; command[0] = bat; command[1] = live; command[2] = test; try { ...

5. Problem in passing parameters to a batch file

hi paul, yeah actually i have to pass a parameter while executing the batch file. how can we do that ? any sample code or an example of the code is urgently required. thanks in advance. Edited by: Karthik84 on ? ??????, ???? ?:?? ??????? Edited by: Karthik84 on ? ??????, ???? ?:?? ???????

7. Passing Parameters to .bat file

This whole question was raised due to difficulties I encountered using start /Dpath... I needed a way to set the working directory... Aside from generating the .bat on demand, I thought to accept many parameters in the bat and concatenate them.. (If the string was broken up into smaller substrings due to spaces, it would be reconstructed) Turing Pest: Sorry for ...