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1. hide the console window when use batch file to launch a java program?

I use a batch to launch my java application like this

start /min java -splash:resources\images\splash\splash.gif com.myproj.MyProjApp
There is still a icon on the taskbar. what I want is hide the console window and ...

2. how to create a batch file to directly open the java console?

how can i create a ".bat" file to directly open the java console to write the programs? for example: c:\cd \program files\java\jdk1.6\bin now ive entered the above mentioned folder, after that if i have ...

3. Need guidance to automate a multiple .bat file processes

I want to create a utility in Java to automate our building process. The current process involve

  • Opening 2 consoles for servers. ( I want to open these consoles from java program ...

4. Unexpected behaviour of Java Console read on batch file.

Hi people. I am working on a small project of java (which i create in Netbeans). The application is working fine in netbeans. Now, when i am creating the batch file (this is the requirement) that starts my application. Things are bit weird. Following is my batch file code : @ECHO OFF set HOME=%CD% JAVA -Djline.terminal=jline.UnsupportedTerminal -jar My_Jar.jar "%HOME%\\" When i ...

5. Closing Console window while running Java application from Batch file

I'm under the impression that the console window he is seeing is the one which cmd.exe opens when it is executing the batch file. And that batch file won't return until the java process has completed because he didn't start it in the background to let the batch file continue and terminate.