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1. When executing batch file from Java Runtime, native DOS commands fail to run

When I execute the batch file directly in DOS, everything runs as expected. But when I execute the batch file from Java runTime, it will run only the commands that invoke jar ...

2. DOS batch file to enter commands in proprietary java app and receive feedback?

I'm working on a project in which I'd like to be able to turn lights on and off in the Duke Smart Home via a high frequency chirp. The lighting ...

3. DOS command for batch file

Hi All, anybody knows how to call a batch file from java is there any DOS command aor dll file like url.dll by wich i can call my batch file from a java file or may be some body can tell me how to use FileUploadProtocal to call a batch file from java Please help me ASAP Thanks in advance

5. create batch file to run the java program in DOS prompt

create a new file called "go.bat" or something like that edit this with notepad put the statement below in the file: java yourMainClassName (don't forget to put the package before the mainclassname if there is one) save the file, put it at the root of your java project , and run it

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