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1. How do I execute a batch file in Windows in Cygwin shell

I am trying to execute a BATCH file through through a jsp on a Windows machine and it works fine without any problems. However DOS does not have an equivalent of ...

2. How would I remake a Batch File into a Shell Script

I'm using Sublime Text 2, and I want to be able to compile and run Java Files with one button. When running Windows, the Batch file Required is:

cd %~dp1
javac %~nx1
java %~n1
I'm ...

3. unix shell script to batch file for windows

Thank you for reply , And sorry by mistake question repeated twice, but when iam executing those batch files it is throwing some exceptions, in that file you did not mention to set the JRE path whether it is not necessary and also there msoc05 is the machine name of unix system that need to kept or need to be changed ...

4. Need to shell and Wait for my batch file processing

I can do this easy in VB with API but now I have to recode my application in J2SE and need to ability to open a command box wait until the process ends and then continue. Could someone point me to a site that has the logic or help me out thanks in advance s