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1. exit batch file using java code

I am having the sample code like this.

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import ...

2. odd .bat file behavior

I have a bat file with the following contents:

set logfile=  D:\log.txt

java com.stuff.MyClass %1 %2 %3  >> %logfile%
when I run the bat file though, I get the following:
C:\>set logfile= D:\log.txt

C:\>java ...

3. Discover from a batch file where is Java installed?

I want to set the JAVA_HOME variable from a batch script

4. How to get the exit status of a Java program in Windows batch file

Analogous to the $? in Linux, is there a way to get the exit status of a program in a Windows batch file (.bat)?
Say for example the program has a ...

5. How can I execute a Windows batch file as a separate process from Java?

I'm writing a class in Java which will be calling a Windows batch file. When I run this class, the batch file is getting opened and getting closed. How ...

6. How do you specify a Java file.encoding value consistent with the underlying Windows code page?

I have a Java application that receives data over a socket using an InputStreamReader. It reports "Cp1252" from its getEncoding method:

/* */ Socket Sock = ...;
InputStreamReader is = new InputStreamReader(Sock.getInputStream());
System.out.println("Character ...

7. Problem running .bat file on Windows due to "input line is too long"

I'm using Windows and have a batch file (contents attached below) where I'm building up a classpath before trying to run a Java class. Unfortunately the classpath is fairly big ...

8. The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process

I have a program I made in C that will restart my Java application after running for 2 hours. First of all, I run my java program using a batch file,

@echo off
java ...

9. windows BAT file for java

I have a stanalone application with a main class which used to run a windows BAT file ,the BAT file which invoke another java class(B),the class B refer so many JARs ...

10. How to correctly run a .bat file from java under a windows service?

From my java project I want to run an external .bat file in another thread. For this purpose I use the following method:

    private void posAppRunner(final String path[], ...

11. Running a batch file from java

I just downloaded MCP to see how things work behind the scenes in Minecraft. Inside MCP there are a bunch of batch files that you use to do things like: ...

12. How to read contents of redirected input within a batch file in windows?

I am trying to understand how to read or pass contents of a redirected input file from windows console into my batch file: It looks like this:

java -cp MyJavaCode.jar MyJavaMainClass %1
The command ...

13. Setting the java.library.path using a BAT file on windows 7

I am trying to set the java.library.path to the current directory using a BAT-file. Heres what I use:

java -Djava.library.path=%cd%
However it does not work. The command promt just returns this:
C:\Users\Johan-bar\Desktop\Arbete>java -Djava.library.path=C:\Users\Johan-bar\De
Usage: java ...

14. Trying to rename a computer OR execute a .bat file in Java

I'm trying to write a script to rename a computer (among other things) but just can't seem to figure it out. I don't really care what method I use to change ...

15. Running batch file from Java registered as Windows Service using Procrun

I have a sample Java application that I registered as a service using Procrun. I am trying to execute Batch file from my application

public class Service {

16. Communicate with a windows batch file (or external program) from java

I know there are similar threads, and I have read them all. However none of them have been of any help. I have this simple batch file:

@echo off
set /p UserInput=Enter a number: ...

17. Executing batch file on remote system using Java

How to execute a batch file located on Windows remote system? Batch file should run on remote system.

18. Batch file to execute java program

I have multiple .java files inside a folder (e.g temp/code/project) I want a batch file that will compile and run these java files. The batch file should create class files inside the ...

19. batch file run from Windows or Linux

i got success in running a batch file on windows platform. but want to run batch file equivalent in Linux and write the code in same class from which i executed batch file of windows. means my application may reside on windows or Linux. so i want to make such code that i don't need to worry about the batch extension ...

20. java program & Windows batch files

Do you have the paths set up right? Type the command in the batch file into DOS by hand from the directory it's held in, and see if that works (in your case, 'java TransformFile1'). If it does, there's no reason it wouldn't work in the batch file. Are you sure it isn't working? If DOS couldn't find java.exe (the prog ...

21. Problem starting .bat file from java code on windows 2003

I am trying to start some bat file from java code. On almost the same server (windows 2003 64 bit) which is STAGING environment, everything works fine, but on the Production environment, bat file is simple not started. Anybody has any idea (running out of it)? Here is the code: try {"Calling external command: "); Process proc = Runtime.getRuntime().exec("cmd /C ...

22. Invoking a Java Program in Windows to run in the background through a Batch File

I am having problems with a batch file. The batch script is used to invoke a Java Program. The batch file I am using is invoke by the NT Scheduler. When ever the NT Scheduler invokes it, the Java program starts as expected. However, when ever a server operator logs on to the server and logs off, the java process stops ...

23. Java application (file BAT) as Windows Service. Help !

Probably your .bat file isn't suitable to be a Windows service. You say it's a console application? It should be obvious that you won't actually be able to use the console in this service. Or there could be any number of other reasons why you are having problems. However I think expecting to find a lot of people here who know ...

24. batch file execution error in windows

I haven't used java in a while, and I've never run any java programs in batch, but assuming it works the same way as other languages, if you have 2 batch processes accessing the same file and the 2nd one starts after the first one starts, but before the first one finishes, then the first one would still be using the ...

25. Need help making Java execute a Windows XP Batch file

Hey Javaheads, I work at a university library as a lab supervisor and we have been having problems with homeless people coming in and sitting on our public access computers for hours. We tell them you can only use the computer for 20 min. but they usually just go away for 5 min. and the next time we look back they ...

26. How to run a batch file as windows Nt service

Hi friends I want to know how to run a batch file as windows NT service. I got some information in the following link I tried it but i want to know what we need to include in Autoexnt.bat And one thing i need Instexnt.exe file. I cannot find tht file. Please search tht file and send me tht file ...

27. Java and windows batch files

What I am trying to do is write a program that can first read a string from a batch file to use in a JTextArea to let the person know what the program will be doing then execute that same batch file when they press the PROCEED button on the GUI. This is basically letting users know that they have avoided ...

28. I use .bat file to launch Java programs on Windows, what about on a Mac?

I have different simple Java programs on my PC that I kick off with a .bat file, the only line in the file is: start javaw -classpath . main/Main and it starts my Java application. Mac users, what do I do to make this work on a Mac? I want a simple clickable icon like a .bat file that I can ...

29. Executing a Windows batch file from Java program

Yes I want the return code of the process launched by the batch file. However, I think that communicating the process return code is non-deterministic, in the sense that the main program does not know when the batch program will complete the execution and write the return code in the file. This is worse in my case, because my batch program ...