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1. How to parse a binary file with floats (Java generated) using Cocoa Touch?

Given the following Java code for generating a binary file:

DataOutputStream out = new DataOutputStream(new FileOutputStream("foo.dat"));
I'm using the following Objective-C code and manage to parse the int and the short values:
NSString *path ...

2. Are there any Java Frameworks for binary file parsing?

My problem is, that I want to parse binary files of different types with a generic parser which is implemented in JAVA. Maybe describing the file format with a configuration file ...

3. Read structured data from binary file -?

I know the file structure, suppose this structure is this:

[3-bytes long int],[1-byte long unsigned integer],[4-bytes long unsigned integer]
So the file contains chains of such records. What is the most elegent way to ...

4. Error while parsing Binary Files

I am trying to parse pdf file using Apache Tika after upgrading PDFBOX version to 1.6.0... And I started getting this error for few pdf files. Any suggestions? expected='endstream' actual=''

5. Binary File Parsing

As Ulf suggested, you can read the contents of a binary file using FileInputStream. What you should then do with the bytes that you read, entirely depends on what the format of the file is and what your program needs to do with it. Without knowing what the bytes in the file mean, you can't do anything useful with it and ...

6. how to parse binary files

Hi All, I have one binary file (abc.dat) file I want to parse that file and need it in text format. Can anyone tell me how can I achieve that? is there any third party tools available? lines are like below: 00000000h: 76 04 00 01 00 FF 0F 11 FF 09 07 03 15 ; v.... can anyone have idea ...

7. Parsing binary file- unsigned longs

Hello everyone. I'm currently trying to write a quick parser for a binary file format (ASF). However, java's handling of bit shifting and lack of unsigned types is driving me completely mad. How can I represent an unsigned long? How can I set the bits for it anyway? It seems that the shift operator can't shift more than an int's worth ...

8. parse a binary SWF file

9. Regarding Parsing a binary file

However I am concerned about the performance because there may be 3000 messages every 12 seconds (as per the spec), so we can imagine 3000 blocks of such data, so i may have to come up with a far more efficient method of parsing, if this turns out to be too slow....