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1. Implementing a Java interface on the JRuby generated .class/.java file

I'm trying to implement a Java interface in a JRuby class, like this:

require 'java'
java_package 'net.jruby.test'
java_import "net.jruby.test.Service"

class RubyService
  include Service

  java_signature 'int sum(int, int)'
  def sum(a,b)

2. is it possible for clojure to read and work on classes (.class files) generated by compiler?

is it possible for read and work on classes (.class files) generated by java code? e.g.) - > CalculateSum.class -> Clojure takes CalculateSum.class and embed it in its code?

3. Compiler doesn't overwrite existing .class files?

Hi all, I am suddenly experiencing this problem since I reinstalled JDK1.3 recently. Didn't happen before when I used jdk1.3. If a .class (say abc.class) already exists, and I run "javac", it only creates new .class files which do not already exist and never overwrites or replaces the existing ones! So I am having to delete all .class files in ...

4. compiler telling me to make a file for a public class

Hi, any help greatly appreciated. The compiler is telling me that since two of my classes are "public", that I need to make separate files for them, which I know should not be the case right? So I pasted the code below so you can see it. and after that I posted the error. please. thank you gurus! Derek ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// public ...

5. compiler telling me to make a file for a public class

///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// public class Player { int number = 0; //where the guess goes public void guess() { number = (int) (Math.random() * 10); System.out.println("I'm guessing " + number); }//end guess }//end player class /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// public class GameLauncher { public static void main (String[] args) { GuessGame game = new GuessGame(); game.startGame(); } }

6. Any import statements are added by the compiler to the final class file

Hi, I have compiled my code against an older version of xerces jar which has reference to some of the framework package classes. But I have tried to run the code with newer version of xcerses package now I am getting class not found exception as framework package is not there in the later version. I have not made any refernce ...

7. getting generated class files using the compiler api??

I am writing a compiler/IDE for java, and i use the new JavaCompiler API ( i want to ask, is it possible to get the generated class file(compiled file) names?? can anyone help me with this, read at the documentation and i have no idea which one is used to do such thing.. Or is it impossible?? Thanks, please guide me ...