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1. "class, interface, or enum expected." Error when compiling java files

First, the code in question:


import at;
import ay;
import bi;
import bj;
import bl;
import ck;
import cw;
import da;
import dp;
import ds;
import dt;
import dw;
import ep;
import fa;
import fd;
import fi;
import fl;
import ge;
import ho;
import ht;
import java.awt.GraphicsEnvironment;
import ...

2. j2me error: class myClass is public should be declared in a file named

Guys, how can I correct the error above, my class name does have the I am new to j2me and I need to do a location based application but I ...

3. LWJGL cannot find class error when using "java " command

I successfully compiled my source using this command:

javac -classpath "..\lwjgl-2.7.1\jar\lwjgl.jar"
However, when I try to run it using:
java -classpath "..\lwjgl-2.7.1\jar\lwjgl.jar" Game
, it gives me an error:
Error: Could not find or load ...

4. Error with running batch file from Java class

Hi all, I am trying to get a Java class to first take a screen cap (print screen) and then run a batch file which invokes some VBScript to attach this screenshot to a blank mail message that opens up in Outlook (the location of the screenshot is predetermined on the user's workstation). The structure of my application is the following: ...

5. class file contains wrong class error , i dont understand it so fandmental

Hello all yes i beggienr thank you for asking ... i have simple 2 java class's that i can't compile right . my first java class i compile it like that : %JAVA_HOME%\bin\javac -d D:\ Java\test the file lookes like this : package; public class MyStruct { public String getName(){ return "myTest"; } } and it creates me ...

7. compile error:It is indirectly referenced > from required .class files

I couldn't get my application compiled. 1. I created an application called second.jar which imports first.jar. There is a method in second jar throws an exception implemented in first.jar. 2. And then I created another application called third.jar which imports second.jar. 3. There is a method in third.jar uses the method in second jar. Therefore, I need to declare the exception ...

8. Error running class files on other system ..

Hi , I have build my project with the help of jdk1.5.0_06(version ),and iam trying to run this in other system which has the jdk version of jdk1.5.0_11(i guess its newer version i.e update 11). Iam getting this error trace .. can set any paramter to run my classes on update 11. Iam deploying this project in jboss... 2009-07-20 12:25:30,265 ERROR ...

9. Run class file error

10. Error >> Executing a simple class file

12. 1 error -each class has 0 errors when run as separate file

public class Product { public static void main( String args[] ) { // create Scanner to obtain input from command window Scanner input = new Scanner( ); int x; // first number input by user int y; // second number input by user int z; // third number input by user int result; // product of numbers System.out.print( "Enter first ...

13. class file contains wrong class error

hi! I'm beginner and I want to make compiler with ANTLR after I download it and study from I have some problem I make file Expr.g and then I use java org.antlr.Tool Expr.g it will generate and and them I use follow step of I compile this in command line javac and then I ...

14. Error when trying to create class file

I am getting this error when I try to create file not a statement ex; protected Element getDocumentRoot(Clob c) { Element root; Reader read = c.getCharacterStream(); String s = convertClob(read, 8192); SAXReader sread = new SAXReader(""); sread.setMergeAdjacentText(true); sread.setStripWhitespaceText(true); Document doc = StringReader(s)); root = doc.getRootElement(); return root; Exception ex; ex; <--- this is line 246 System.out.println(ex.getMessage()); return null; } ...

15. No errors, but does not function correctly. It makes a class file too.

I hope I did not install it wrong. Hrmm. I thought it would run right after it was compiled. In my book that i bought it just says to do what I did and it would print out Welcome to programming in java. Edited by: kybbles on May 10, 2010 1:49 PM Edited by: kybbles on May 10, 2010 1:50 PM ...

16. error comming in running java class file

18. can i compile a java program to a class file ignore symbol not find error?

Hi , I am wondering if I could compile a java program to a class file ignore the symbol not find error? The reason for this is that, I want to creat a centralized function library for all my applications which will involve a bunch of dynamically generated objects by my application programs. Once the object is generated I would like ...

19. If you have two public class in a java file what will be the error ?

I dont want you to be on that list . Here goes my explanation.. A class is well defined with members and functions An abstract class is not defined well as compared to a full fledged class (talking more generically) An interface is more abstract. I was asking the author who has posted this question to be like a class(very clear) ...

20. [JNI: C Call] Runtime Error (UnsatisfiedLink) on executing java .class file

The .so file was created (from HelloWorld.c code) with a warning: =============================================== g++ -shared -I/opt/jdk1.6.0_24/include -I/opt/jdk1.6.0_24/include/linux HelloWorld.c -o HelloWorld.c:10:2: warning: no newline at end of file =============================================== Although the .so file was created and all the files (HelloWorld.c, HelloWorld.class, HelloWorld.h,, are in the same folder, but when I ran the program with ./java HelloWorld command, I have got ...