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1. Why is each public class in a separate file?

I recently started learning Java and found it very strange that every Java class must be declared in a separate file. I am a C# programmer and C# doesn't enforce any ...

2. Why only 1 public class in Java file

In any Java file, why can we have only one public class whose name is same as the Java file name?

3. Why would you ever want a Java file with no public classes declared in it?

There is a statement in the book I'm reading for the SCJP qualification, it says :

Files with no public classes have no naming restrictions
That has made me ...

4. Why only one public class per Java file?

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Why only 1 public class in Java file
Why does the Java language put a restriction that there has to be only one public ...

5. public and private class in the same file

I created a public and private class in the same java file.It is not getting compiled. But if I keep a public class and a class with out an access ...

6. Java public interface and public class in same file

In a single .Java file, is it possible to have a public interface and a public class (which implements the interface) I'm new to Java coding and it is written on most ...

7. Why only one public class per file??

Hi, I have the following question. We know that we can give any name to a java file if that (.java) file doesn't have any public classes. My question is why can't we have more than one public classes in a single file. Is it against any OOPS concept that we can't have more than one public class in one .java ...

8. one public class per file is a must ??

Hi, I just wanted to make something clear. I have read many places that 'there can be only one public class per file.' Also I have read that 'the name of the public class should match the name of the file.' But I'm wondering about the following situations: (1) What if there is no public class in a file? And what ...

9. public class in Java program file

10. public class in own file?

I'm currently trying to compile and run the example from p.39-40 in the head first book. But when I try to compile, it gives 2 errors about the public classes needing their own file. How do I go about doing this? Or if anyone is familiar with the book, can I just go ahead and pick it up later?

12. Why java file cannot consist two public classes

It's your java platform that decides whether this is enforced or not. But it's a convention among the java community to work this way for java platforms that use a file system to store the sources. See the java specification: When packages are stored in a file system (7.2.1), the host system may choose to enforce the restriction that it is ...

14. more than one public class in a single file

Welcome to JavaRanch! Because that's the way it works--that might not be a particularly satisfying answer, that's just the way it is. The class file definition allows for only a single class per file. But for tightly-coupled classes it can make more sense on an organizational level to keep them in the same file, and you may not want to expose ...

15. why can't we have a public class and a non-public class(which has the main method) in the same file

import static java.lang.System.*; public class ProtTest { protected int i; } class RunProt extends ProtTest { public void method() { ProtTest t1=new ProtTest(); t1.i=1; i=2; out.println(t1.i); } public static void main(String[] args) { RunProt rp= new RunProt(); rp.method(); out.println(rp.i); } } Now when i run the code it gives me an error that the class ProtTest should be declared as a ...

17. public class in a file question .

I think almost every question have been answered , if one has to search for everything then it is not more a forum, it would be like google search. After all , my same question would give some newcomer to answer it and enforces his/her learning. This is what a benefit of forum is at the first place. Regards

19. JCreator problem; class Exercise1 is public, should be declared in a file named Exerc

idk what to do i took this to my help desk at my compuiter science building they supposidly fixed it and now its not working at all. class Exercise1 is public, should be declared in a file named what does this mean i really need to do my work and now its not working.

20. Class is public, should be declared in a file?

public InsufficientFundsException(int actNumb, int amount, int balance) { date = new Date(); accountNumber = actNumb; withdrawAmount = amount; balanceAmount = balance; } public String toString() { return getClass().getName() + " on " + df.format(date) + ". Withdraw of " + nf.format(withdrawAmount) + " rejected. Balance of account #" + accountNumber + " remains at " + nf.format(balanceAmount) ; } }

21. Why only 1 public class in java file

23. Why a single .java file can't have multiple public classes defined in it?

In the Wired article on the genesis of the Java language, James Gosling said that they wanted to encourage programmers to not toss all their code into a single file, so they added the restriction that the name of the file must reflect the name of the class. But then they added non-public top-level classes on a Friday, and before they ...

24. Public Classes in a .java file

No, I have never run into any situations where this restriction has taken any toll. Is source code organiztion and faster compilation the only advantage? I mean isnt it there for some security reasons? Can such a restriction secure yourself from malice? And finally, is there a loophole in such a restriction so as to exploit it.

25. Why only a single class can be public in a single java file.

Hi, I am new to java and am having a doubt. When I make source file say, then I can only make the class Try1 public in it. In case I have declared and defined two more classes say, Try2 and Try3 in it then I'm not allowed to make them public. Why is it so? Actually i'm putting this ...

26. Why can't a CLASS FILE have more than 1 class defined in public scope ?

Hi, Its an easy one but just wanted to know the internals of it... Suppose i define following in public class TestClass1 { } public class TestClass2 { } class TestClass3 { } I get a compile time error meant like : "TestClass2 should be declared in its own file" But if i declare all the above classes with default ...

27. [class] is public, should be declared in a file named []

Hi there, I'm using an java-agent in LotusNotes 7.0.2 to communicate with a WebService. This agent contains a AXIS (1.2.1)-generated JAR-file (based upon the webservices' WSDL-file) which holds the WebService-stubs, -ports etc.. I just rebuilt the JAR using the latest WSDL and imported it into the Notes-agent. Save the agent brings up following message "d:\temp\notes\jar49773.jar(de/kqv/wekservice/ class VermittlerWacServiceLocator is public, should be ...