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1. Is implementing even in simple POJO Java classes a best practice?

In general, is it a best practice to have simple POJO Java classes implement

2. Gson serialize POJO with root value included?

I'm having problem when I try to serialize my object using Gson.

class Foo implements Serializable {
    private int number;
    private String str;


3. thrift description file form existing java classes

there is a way to generate thrift description file for existing java classes using refletion? Avro has that feature, but i need to use thrift and i have a lot of ...

4. Serialization.. String to POJO

I need to convert this String to POJO. Pls tel me how can i do this This is Just an example

This is the string.. Now i need to convert this to pojo My ...

5. Store object in customized serializable form

I want to serialize a POJO in the name value string format in a file. And when I read back the string I want the POJO back. I can only think ...

6. Fastest way to serialize relatively simple Java POJOs?

I need to write millions of Java POJOs to disk, and read them from disk, and I need to do it fast. I would prefer to avoid having to define a separate ...

7. why serialize needs the .class file?

9. serialize multiple java classes in single file

I am going to guess that what you wanted to say was "serialize objects from multiple java classes" since serialize classes makes no sense. IF all of the classes are serializable, you can put the references in a collection such as an ArrayList and serialize that in a single call. This works amazingly quickly and simply. Bill

10. POJO implements Serializable - Why ???

Hi Jigar, I guess you are just confused because the term POJO is often used interchangeably with JavaBeans. As the name suggests a POJO in general is a plain old Java object for example in contrast to Enterprise JavaBeans in EJB version 2.x which had to implement or inherit from cumbersome API classes and interfaces. It's arguable if a POJO is ...

11. I need to keep a whole file as a serializable class field

Hi. i need to save a file (zip file \ jpg ) in a serializable class what type of field should i use? obviously "FILE" is not good since it keeps the adress of the file only i want to be able to send this serializable class via tcp to a server for further processing.. thanks