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my project directory structure


which method i use to read basicvector.xml from Updatedata class

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i am having war file called Sample.war. in this war file i have the main class called "Maintest" .i want to run or execute the Maintest class from out side the ...

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How many number of Instance can be there when same singleton class is packaged in two war file(and both war files are packaged in one ear file) Cas1 MyUnderstanding As per my understanding ...

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In my "app.war", it includes WEB-INF/classes/Servlet.class, Standalone.class, Action.class, etc. The Standalone.class is a simple java application that uses some other Action.class included in the WEB-INF/classes/ dir. Now, if I give somebody this "app.war" and they just want to run "Standalone.class", here are the questions --- 1. if they simply add "app.war" into their classpath, can you run "Standalone.class" at any directory ...

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Hi, I have a question about reading class files from war file. My situation is - I am starting a java process in a shell script (in UNIX). This process starts a thread that reads messages from MQ, so to process the MQ messages, I need a number of class files that i already have in a war file. But for ...

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I am a bit frazzled and now am grasping at straws so hopefully somebody can clear my foggy brain. I have an application that is deployed as an EAR file and code the classes and build the EAR file in my office. However the application is deployed into an isolated network. For the application to work I need to recode some ...

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Hi, Hope your doing good.I have a one Example.war file(consider).I want to do some changes .the changes made file was UserInfom.java.I build .class file of userInfo.java using ant(v.1.8.2).then I tired to append that .class file to the existing war file.i.e., Example.war using winzip. When ever I redeploy the war file..i cannot find any changes.escpecially the changes I have made..not even the ...

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Question1:- if i package my servlet class and business class(packaed in jar file) in war file.So war file here contains jar file and servlet class. If i try access static global variable declared in servlet in business class, i can do it(Ideally we should not) Correct? because here will be only one jvm instances and class loader hierarchy