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Is there any linux command I could use to find out JAVA_HOME directory? I've tried print out the environment variables ("env") but i cant find the directory.

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Hi as the subject reads

in my action class (struts2) and deploy that as a war in
When i run my class, getenv HOME returns
Can anyone tell me whats going on? ...

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I am working with a server on which the web host installed Apache. Said web host has a tech support department that seems to know less about a lot of stuff than I do, and I'm an absolute and total newbie. Anyway, I am trying to get Tomcat 4.0.X to work with Apache 2.0 under Linux in order to handle servlets. ...

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Hi, Is there any possibility that the size of %USER_HOME% directory to cause problems to Java 1.5.0_XX Application in Windows (XP) environment? We have a problem with our application that is accessed thru JNLP link. This application creates log files under %USER_HOME% directory. Whenever the size of this directory grows beyond a limit (eg. 1 GB), the application fails to load/work ...

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Well, what I have now works to some extent, i. e. I can access javac, but after I restart my computer, I still need to add %java_home%/bin one more time to the PATH variable. I still don't understand why I need to do that since is already added to begin with. I suspect that other problems are related to this PATH ...

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its how i call default directory where you save your file from your java application sorry tho im kinda new in java No need to be sorry - I was just wondering what you meant. Here's what the File API docs have to say about it. "A pathname, whether abstract or in string form, may be either absolute or relative. An ...

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I am currently devoloping a simple program to keep track of my hours at work. The program is rather simple, it brings up a noce GUI interface where the user can enter the hours worked. and then the can click "Save" or "Clear". The clear button is very simple (and easy to do). It simply blanks out the form. The save ...