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1. Regarding the conversion of local machine path

Hello friend , I am developing a program which reads some excel file from a remote computer and stores the path in UNC format. That is \\. I am storing the path in as local machine format right now. like wise c:\some_folder1\shared_folder\some_folder3\file.xls. But I need to store it as ...

2. problem in file path

3. file path

Hello, I created a file in the directory where the java program was run called some.txt. How do I retrieve the full system path of the file? File x = new File("sometext.txt"); if(!x.exists()) x.createNewFile(); System.out.println("The file has path " + x.getPath()); the x.getPath() just returns the path relative to the working directory. thanks

4. path set of jdk and get html files

5. How to set filepath to JDK on Mac?

6. File Path

FileWriter fstream = new FileWriter("abc.txt"); The above code creates the file in the folder, where Eclipse is installed. However, I want to create the file in the bin folder of the Java project. Or What is the way to get the path of bin folder of the Java project, in Java? Please guide. regards,

7. create file path

8. File Problem with path

9. Variable file path

10. Problem with file path

11. path file

12. unziping the files in desired path ?

14. FileInputStreamt problem with path to file

Hello First sorry for my not perfect English but I hope that anybody understand me. I have a problem with loading a file, to FileInpuStream object. For example I have a project in NetBeans, and package called test, i this package I have properties file, I want to load this file, but when I try this: new FileInputStream(""); I have IO ...

15. Filepath dillema's

16. Question about file paths

1> If I wanted to go to the desktop I need to enter the file path, so I would need the user to find the file and folders to display them. I know for batch coding you can go %username% and it gives you the person who is logged in. In Java is there such a thing like that so I ...

17. Image/File Path

18. get application filepath

assuming then, that the URL returned would be the absolute path in relation to the user's machine, then it sounds like that would work good. If I am understanding you correctly then, I could just put the location of the parent folder of the files I am copying as the arg to getResource() and get right to it.

19. Java File.mkdirs() failed to create file path with UTF-8 characters

Hi folks, I am using Debian and Tomcat 5.5. Every time I reboot the server, the Java File.mkdirs() will fail to write the UTF-8 characters. The strange part is that it will be auto fixed after I just restart the Tomcat once. It sounds like Tomcat does not start correclty in the system boot up. I amy be wrong, but I ...

20. Java file path problem

21. File path as argument

22. Convert inside archive string path to file system

Hi... How could I convert an inside rar archive string path to file system so I can manipulate it as a real file system? for example I got when listing archive /ark/Dir1/f1 /ark/Dir1/f2 /ark/Dir1/f3 I need to get them level by level for example /Dir just one entry the get the three files inside this directory. Thanks Feras

23. File path not setting in form bean with mozilla.

I am developing a struts application In the JSP , one of the form field is to get the path of a file. I have given on submission of the form the inputPath gets populated in the form bean. The above scenario works fine for IE . But in Mozilla, the inputPath is not stored with the file's ...

24. Get a file's full path

say for example ... my application need only java compiler of 1.5 ... suppose the client machine have various version of java , how will i determine my compiler from machine. I know we can set these things manually... but need to do it through code .. at startup of application itself....

25. Filepath / Browse Button

26. How to handle spaces in using path to the file

Hi Friends, I am getting error "file not found" if I give path of the file that contains spaces in it. (eg. C:\Users\Sample Project\file.txt) If I give path that doesn't contain spaces (eg. C:\Users\Sample\file.txt) then it works fine without any error. Basically I am invoking one command at runtime (using "exec") in my java program that excepts path of the file ...

27. File's full path

/* If this abstract pathname is already absolute, then the pathname string is simply returned as if by the getPath() method. If this abstract pathname is the empty abstract pathname then the pathname string of the current user directory, which is named by the system property user.dir, is returned. Otherwise this pathname is resolved in a system-dependent way. */

28. File is not in correct path

The first piece of code writes a file to the current working directory. The second piece of code reads a resource from the classpath. So: 1. Write to a directory which you know to be in the classpath (instead of the current working directory). 2. Modify the classpath to include the current working directory. 3. Change the second piece of code ...

29. File path from specific directory

Thank you so much for reply but this is not working in my case see I have dir A in that I hav e sub dir B,C,D and I have file abc.txt in B directory so now I want to find out Full path like c:/A/B/abc.txt I know the drive name c:/ ,Main dir name that is A and also file ...

31. File path

32. Output File Path

Not that I'm a pro at java, but I'd get rid of the leading in the file path. File outFile = new File("savedata outputfile.txt"); or you could: File outFile = new File(".\\savedata outputfile.txt"); Pardon if my syntax is off on the , but as I said, I'm new to Java. -------EDIT--------- Just get rid of the two backslashes in front, or ...

33. File path

Hi. I thought of using a buffered reader so I can systematically read lines for the data but I thought maybe I should use XML since it would be far easier. Thanks for all the efforts. Jesse, I would try your solution too since I am rather interested in finding out how to handle such a problem if I face the ...

34. File fp = new File(filePath);fp.exists() does not yeild proper result

Below given is the code to check if a file exists. I am using "jdk1.5.0_13" This code works on Windows but on Linux it fails even when the file exists. Please let me know if you have a solution or a work around for this. Also ,it is not a slash versus backslash issue. I gave the path as /tmp/file.txt on ...

35. specifying file path

36. Wrong input and output files path?

public void netStoppedError(NeuralNetEvent e,String error) { } } ERROR: C:\jar>java -cp joone-engine.jar org.joone.samples.engine.xor.XOR C: xor.txt C: xorout.txt [main] [ERROR] - - IOException in Synapse 6. Mess age is : \tmp\xorout.txt (The system cannot find the path specified) Training... [Thread-0] [WARN] - - IOException in Synapse 3. Me ssage is : C:\jar\org\joone\samples\engine\xor\xor.txt (The system cannot find t he path specified) ...

37. how to know the path of file.

I have to deliver a jar file which contains my classes. This jar file will be used by a vendor to code a Servlet which will access the classes in the jar file. One of the classes in this jar file is required to simulate a file-system (we call it "Repository"). Essentially, it creates a certain directory and reads-writes files into ...

38. File Path

39. How to get Path for C:\Program Files for any locale

I'm afraid it's a Windows specific question. You may have to ask in a Windows forum rather than a Java forum. And then if you find an answer, there's no guarantee you can do it from within a Java program. You can always search through the file system for a folder named MSOffice, of course. Unless that name is locale specific ...

40. How to create Directories of a given path

41. Spaces in File path of a command

Hi all, I have a problem in the following API Runtime.getRuntime.exec ("open /var/root/Desktop/Test Folder/abc.jpg"); it does not open the file mentioned but the following command Runtime.getRuntime.exec("open /var/root/Desktop/TestFolder/abc.jpg"); it opens the file abc.jpg. the only difference between these 2 commands is spaces in "Test Folder" directory name. Please let me know if anybody has an idea. thanks Message was edited by: nav_nini ...

43. Specifying path to file

Have no need to point absolute path to file different way. The issue is different: I need to specify relative path to properties file. I.e. put properties file into web-application root. But have no idea how to specify path. the purpose is to make properties file editable by end-user and deploy it with web-application.

44. file path doubt

Hi, I have a web application where is needed to read a file. Is there a way to read a file (FileInputStream) using a relative path? How can I read a file if I am not sure in wich platform will be installed? (you know, absolute paths are diferent between linux and windows) Thanks.

45. how to get complete path when uploading a file in Mozzila

Hi I was trying to upload a file using html code then I wrote <% = request.getParameter("cdrfile")%> trying to get the path and the file name. But Mozilla doesn't return me the complete path only the file name. Does anyone know how to get the complete path in Mozilla? Cheers M

46. file path problem

I'm writing a server application, where i have an XSL file in the web folder. I have a utility class that need to use this XSL file to perform a transformation. my problem is..the file is on the server. I cannot use the absolute path..such as C://blah/blah/myFile.xsl..because the location is not fix (and not known .. for me at least). How ...

47. file path