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1. Deleting non-empty directories in Java

Supposing I have a File f that represents a directory, then f.delete() will only delete the directory if it is empty. I've found a couple of

2. Recursively finding only directories with FileUtils.listFiles

I want to collect a list of all files under a directory, in particular including subdirectories. I like not doing things myself, so I'm using FileUtils.listFiles from Apache Commons IO. So ...

3. Recursive function that calculates folder size throws NullPointerException (Java)

I wrote recursive method to calculate folder size:

    private static long calcSize(File dir) {
    if (dir.isFile() && dir.canRead()) {

4. Recursively create directory

Does anyone know how to use Java to create sub-directories based on the alphabets (a-z) that is n levels deep?


5. Recursive Read of Files from a Directory.

Thanks for the tips. The code was indeed helpful. I have a list of files under the directory (in excess of 20K) and would like to know if there is a faster way to implement the listing of files. Is there anything in the Java NIO package that we can use to speed up the file listing. Many Thanks Arun

6. Recursive file search and still filtering file and directory names?

Hi, Can any one help me with the code below? The first problem with it, and the more important, is that if I don't check for directories in the filter, the code will not work, because the content (subdirectories and theirs content) won't be traversed, but if I do check I'll get directories from the search which were not supposed to ...

7. I want to print on which level the file is present in given directory structure when using recursion

Hi, I want to print on which level file is present in a given root directory A: for example:: A is my root directory.. I have subdirectories B and C in that.. And again in B i have D and E directories... In D,i have files f1,f2 In E,i have files f3,f4.. In C also assume i have some directories.. Now ...

8. recursive directories deletion leaves random files

That bug seems to be around closing a File but its handle not being released immediately, thus any attempt to rename that File prior to the finaliser being run by the garbage collector will result in a Windows system saying (correctly) that the file is open. Now, it could be a similar thing, except you are not getting a false back ...

9. recursive directory call

nope.... i think i have part of this figured out it works just how it is... however, it craps out on C:\system volume information.... which is some kind of protected directory and Java cant scan it. now i either figure out a way to skip this file or gain access to it... any ideas?

10. how to check in a directory via svnkit recursively?

hi, i need to check in a directory into a svn repository but i don't know, how to manage this if a file is new. the SVNRepository.checkPath doesn't work if an ISVNEditor is in use. What I could do is to close and open an update session for each file but that way, the repository version may explode some day.. so ...