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I am recently working on a java desktop application which needs to track a path of file which has been recently moved to somewhere in native file system from the known ...

2. How to get absolute path of directory of a file?    stackoverflow.com

How can I get an absolute path of a directory containing a file specified:

// current dir is "/home/me/dev"
File file = new File("./target/test.txt");
assert absolute(file).equals("/home/me/dev/target");
It's Java 6.

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Can anyone give me a brief explanation of the how the different paths are determined (if a file is in the same directory or in a different directory) and then printed to the screen. Have done some reading up already and Im feeling very stupid because its just not clicking for me Thanks

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hi Stefan, sry for not posting the code earlier: File file = new File ("ApplicationResources.properties"); FileReader read = new FileReader(file); I'm doing this from c:\eclipse\workspace\myproject The exception i get is: java.io.FileNotFoundException: ApplicationResources.properties (The system cannot find the file specified) And the ApplicationResources.properties file is present in the current working directory given above How to get around this. Seshu

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I have a problem with reading in from a file - when the file is created with an absolute path then file.exists() = true, but with a relative path file.exists() = false, even though both the absolute and relative file return the same canonical path. The code is presented below. I am running on Windows XP. The class is being called ...

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I am not clear in my understanding of this whole issue of "path". What I know is that path of a file means the location of a file in a computer system. But what is the path name which we give in the File constructor ? what is canonical path and absolute path ? Could somebody explain this in very simple ...

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Hey guys...after reading many posts from javaranch and many other websites, I'm still not able to get the difference between Canonical and Absolute Path....so i wrote a program... import java.io.*; class Test { public static void main(String a[]) throws IOException { File create = new File("C:/Directory/.././abc"); create.mkdir(); if(create.isDirectory()) { System.out.println("Directory created."); } else { System.out.println("There's some problem in your code."); } ...

9. File objects versus absolute path strings    forums.oracle.com

Sure, both can throw the exception. But the issue is that in my case a) does and b) doesn't. If the String-arg constructor forwards to the File-arg constructor, I suppose the surprise is that file and new File(file.getAbsolutePath()) should behave differently in this context. Incidentally, in the example I'm talking about, file.canRead() returns true, even though new FileInputStream(file) throws file not ...

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Hi there, i need help with the following problem: I've got a String containing an absolute Path to a File, e.g. Windows-File-System: C:\somefolder\someOtherFolder\someFile.bla Now i want to extract the path to the folder containing the file, in the example above this will be C:\somefolder\someOtherFolder\ I'm looking for a smart way to do this (perhaps there's a better solution than parsing the ...

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