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1. How do you get file path for file when user directory changes?

I have a java app, and the file is in src/com/my/path/props. On compile, it's copied into classes/com/my/path/props The file is loaded via PropertyConfigurator.configureAndWatch(user.dir + "/classes/com/my/path/props/"). This all works fine normally, though ...

2. Java program for changing the directory of command prompt

I have written a java program named, in which the another java program named newsmail will be executed. The problem i face here is, is in Desktop location(should be in ...

3. Avoid detecting incomplete files when watching a directory for changes in java

I am watching a directory for incoming files (using FileAlterationObserver from apache commons).

class Example implements FileAlterationListener {
    public void prepare() {

4. How to change save path

I am created xml docs, but they are by default saving to the project folder in netbeans projects. I have a file path that I need them to be saving to ...

5. change path

6. constant lookup for folder changes

1) Use Apache Commons I/O. It has a file monitor class. 2) Wait until Java 7 comes out. It too has a file monitor class. 3) Write your own scheduled job, using a Timer, ScheduledExecutor, Quartz or something similar. Of course, 1 would be the easiest for a short term solution. In the Java in General forum there was a thread ...

7. Changing FilePath from full filepath to project folder filepath

this might be simple/ might not be simple the assignment is to make an mp3 player with a folder full of mp3's that the player will be able to access and play mp3s from it. I have it working fine in that it gets the filepath of the mp3's and isable to play them just fine... The problem I am envisioning ...

8. Capturing the changes made to file(s) in a directory

Hello all, I am developing an application that is monitoring the files (text files only) within a directory. The monitoring part is fine (thanks to threads on file watch). But is there an "efficient" way to capture the modifications made to those files (I need those changes to for reporting)? By efficiency I tried to mean....not going through the whole file ...

9. Directory last updated does not always change.

So I realize that this is not truly a java problem/question but I imagine that someone here has run into this before. If I have the following directory structure" Docs | ---> Work ---> Home If I add/remove a file/directory from the Work directory its last updated date changes, but the last updated data for Docs does not change. The case ...

12. Change default Temp files folder

13. how to change a's path

hi everybody!! i would like to set the path to a, but I don't see any setter method. I'm trying to save a file in a pre-defined directory (final static String path), and I get the file I want to save from a jFileChooser. but, I don't know how i can change the path of the file to write it ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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