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1. I want to run an scons command in my current directory. How do I do this in Java?

I am using Java to automate a build. I would like to run an 'scons' command in the current directory in which the build is being performed. How can I do ...

2. Changing the current working directory in Java?

How can I change the current working directory from within a Java program? Everything I've been able to find about the issue claims that you simply can't do it, but I ...

3. Java, reading a file from current directory?

I want a java program that reads a user specified filename from the current directory (the same directory where the .class file is run). In other words, if the user specifies the ...

4. How do I create a directory within the current working directory, in Java

What is the most succinct way to create a directory called "Foo" underneath the current working directory of my Java application (if it does not already exist)? Or, a slightly different angle: ...

5. Java: How to prevent 'systemId' in EntityResolver#resolveEntity(String publicId, String systemId) from being absolutized to current working directory

I want to parse the following XML document to resolve all entities in it:

 <!DOCTYPE doc SYSTEM 'mydoc.dtd'>
My EntityResolver is supposed to fetch the external entity with the given system ...

6. How do I get my current working directory in Java?

Let's say I have my main class in C:\Users\Justian\Documents. How can I get my program to show that it's in C:\Users\Justian\Documents. Hard-Coding is not an option- it needs to be adaptable if it's ...

7. getCanonicalFile and getAbsoluteFile returns the current (project) directory instead of the expected one

I try to make a simple program that contains the function of browsing local file system. However, I met a problem when the address is directly input.

public void setWorkingDirectory(File newDir)

8. Can you set the current running directory from the java command line?

I am running a java application from the command line. Can I specify a command line argument to set the current running directory to something other than where the application is ...

9. reading a file from current directory in java

I have a java project where I am reading a file. As the file is in the current directory I am doing this:

String dataset = "./myFile.dat";
But I am getting: saying ...

10. Java can't get the path of a file that exists in the current directory

If a file exists in the same directory where a Java application is running and I create a File object for that file the Java File methods for the path of ...

11. get current jre's file path

Suppose we have two java applications A and B. Application A will call application B. Application A has started, however when A calls B, I don't know the java_home or any other ...

12. IntelliJ Problem with+get current working directory

Here is my maven project structure

 -Module1 (another sub directory)
Now when I run Module1Class1 from IntelliJ my current working directory is where ProjectParent directory, but when I ...

13. Store minecraft data in current directory

EDIT: used different decompiler now includes the Util$OS.class file I am trying to modify the mine craft launcher to check for a minecraft folder in the current working directory and if none ...

14. What is the method to get the current directory(please read)

friends This is my first post in this category though i have been a regular in some other parts of the ranch I am facing a unique problem first of all i am using Tomcat with JSP. What i want to do is accept a folder name from the user and create a folder by that name. I have written a ...

15. how to change current (working) directory?

hmmm i didn't know it was possible until i saw this post. i have seen a lot of mock exams asking this question and the answers always say that "there is no way in java that you can change the current working directory with Files.." but that was i think before 1.3 came along...

16. how to find the current path

Hi, My servlets are running in one path(folder). How can i find the path in which my java servlets are running in Netscape suitespot server? When i use the following: File file = new FIle("."); file.getCanonicalPath(); It gives config path (folder) of the server and not the path where java servlets are running. Can somebody pleasee help me? Thanks, Sankar

17. finding current directory

Is there a way to find out the directory that a class file is being ran in. The goal her is that someone could put my class file anywhere on their machine, and I could find the path of where that is. I've checked the methods, and it doesn't seem to have what I'm looking for. Thanks.

19. Reading a file in current folder

20. setting the current directory

I've inherited a bit of code ... there are functional tests that expect to be run from a very particular directory. The innards of this thing are delicate and not to be touched. But I want to run these tests from ant, intellij, ant within intellij, and someday cruise control. It seems like I just need to have the setUp() stuff ...

21. Accessing a folder in Current Directory

Hi All, Having a source file and Images folder(containing images like .jpg,.png) in drive C: ie for eg: C:\\ and c:\\Images. I want to access the resource(Images folder) using How can i do that? Also i dont want to give absolute path So please provide some example using relative path.... Regards Kirba.

22. accessing current directory

what is the easiest way of looking for a file in your current directory (ie, the directory the Java program is executing from) ? On a related subject (as this was my forst guess at how to achive the above), if you specify a file without any directory info as being say "myfile.txt", where does Java look for it?

23. Writing Files to The Current Directory

By default the classes in the package always resolve relative pathnames against the current user directory. This directory is named by the system property user.dir, and is typically the directory in which the Java virtual machine was invoked. Ok. So when I change the current user directory, why do the files still get written to the directory that was being ...

25. Current directory

Jar files and classes don't have a "current directory". The process in which your classes are running has a current working directory, and there's a system property which tells you what that is. But I'm guessing you are trying to ask about something else. Can we go back one step from your question and find out what your earlier question was? ...

26. getting the File from Current directory

27. changing current directory

28. Create folder in current directory

29. Using current directory ?

I've got a java class ( in the following directory : C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Tomcat 4.1\webapps\JspProject\WEB-INF\classes\UserDetail\ I've also got a jsp page, in that jsp I pass a path to the previously mentioned java class to use to write to a file. So for example, I pass the class the following string from the jsp to use when writing to a file ...

30. absolute path of current directory?

Hi, I finished up an assignment the other day. But I've been playing around with it to see how much extra junk, in addition to the requirements, I can add, all in one method(we haven't covered user defined methods yet). I added a cheezy console splash screen. A really cheezy help file system. Figured out how to add time and date ...

31. Specify current directory of file?

32. get current directory

in this directory: c:\temp\myJava\ i have a bunch of help files in c:\temp\myJava\help\ folder how do I read in files from: c:\temp\myJava\help\ ? the read in part is fine, I can handle that ...i just need to where to locate the help folders let's say my end user moves the folder to: f:\asdf\something\something\myJava I should be able to locate the folder, ...

33. get current executable directory

yeah, anyway to store user configuration will do fine. Is this as permanent as the registry? Or they'll disappear once the user closed the application and then reopen. Could you please suggest a few more things that I can write and read to this place? I have about 20 different items that I would like to store and retrieve, is it ...

34. Current Directory

The problem I'm facing is: The application is supposed to read some data from some CSV files which the user is allowed to change. I was using the .class.getResource("Name of the desired resource") method which returns me a URL to the file which i usually place in the same folder with the class file. However, I just realized then when I ...

35. Current Working Directory, changing it.

By the way, it's not likely that someone else is going to come along and be worthy of the other 5 outstanding dukes attached to this topic. So if you can't retract them, you might just as well just award them. They're not doing any good just dangling there. Besides, only 100 more and I can finally buy that operation for ...

36. Getting the absolute path of the current executing file

I have a file which will be placed in window and linux environment. It is not good to change the source code in that way: String path = "D:\\java\file1.txt"; (Window) String path = "/java/file1.txt"; (Linux) So I would like to ask how to get the absolute path based on that executing file? I referred to the reference in jsp, but I ...

37. How to know the current directory

38. How to get the current program directory??

39. how to get current directory where java program runs?

Hi, there: I am trying to determine the current directory where a user run a java program and then send a output file to this directory. Since a java program potentially can be run from anywhere in local file system, how can we determine the directory where this user runs it? thanks,

40. current directory

42. finding the current directory

within my program i need to know the current runing directory, my app. i portable and intended to be ran from usb stick and other portable media, so it will be different for each execution. im convinced that thisis far to easy a thing for me to figure out on my own, and help would be nice. thx