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1. Opening a file in Java inside a directory specified by wildcard characters

In Java, is it possible to specifiy a directory using a wildcard character, when trying to create a file object as below?

File newFile = new File("\temp\*\path");
In this case, the directory is ...

2. Browsing Directory Structure and opening a file in the subdirectory

Here is my question ! I am browsing thru the Directory structere using a Java program. I can browse, but can't open a file down in the sub-sub folder. Any ideas, it seems to me that the constructor for the filereader is not supporting this. i might be wrong. Please help. Nehal

3. opening a File within my WEB-INF folder

When specifying relative paths, the API relies on the current working directory which is not per se uniform in all environments. A bad practice thus. You should always specify absolute file system paths. Make use of ServletContext#getRealPath() to convert a relative web path to an absolute file system path and use it in stuff.

4. open directory and read all files

hi, i am very new in java. right now facing one problem to read many files from one folder. suppose i have few txt files in one folder and every txt files contain some my friends name. my program should open that folder and read all files one by one to find all friends name. so far i have done it ...

5. Opening a file with relative path

I have to open a file (lets say "list.txt") inside a TagLibrary class file. My webapp folder organization under tomcat looks like this. mywebapp ______________|________________ | | | | resources jsp config web-inf I have defined the file location in a properties file under config folder as "/resources/list.txt" hoping that the first "/" will default to the root of the webapp ...

6. 553 Can't open that file: No such file or directory

hello everyone, im new at the forum and a newbye in java, not sure if this is the right section to post this...anyway... im trying to upload files to my site via java using Apache common net 3.0.1 api but cannot store file in my public directory cause i obtain "553 Can't open that file: No such file or directory" permissions ...

7. opening directory (folder) to reveal contents.

Hi all, Need help with this issue I've come across. I recently learned how to create a directory. So here the promblem, I created this code for practice to get a better idea of what I can do with a directory. In the code I had a folder created on my desktop and then attempted tp have the directoy open so ...

8. open a file in same directory as app

I am trying to open a separate app that is in the same folder as the form app i'm using. Is there a way to do it so i can move the folder with the files in it from computer to computer and still have it work. I'm trying to open it with a jbutton Thanks Edited by: aschreiner22 on Apr ...

10. Opening image/file/etc from current directory

I'm trying to specify a tray icon for one of my programs, but right now I just have it specified at C:/Program Files/...etc. This works fine 90% of the time, but if they change the install location, it messes everything up. Is there any way to basically say currentdirectory/images/icon.png so the install location won't affect anything? Thanks!

13. How do you open a directory ?

14. Opening a directory in explorer like mode in Unix

I have a requirement where when the user clicks on a path on the User Interface, it should open up that directory , the way windows does. I know that in windows it can be achieved by Runtime.exec() method. But if the client machine is a Unix machine with a GUI interface, how can one achieve the same functionality?

15. Opening a directory in a different system

Consider my application server and the other machine as 2 different physical systems in the same network. The requirement is two-fold: 1) Need to open a given directory on the other system , do I give machine name to identify the other system? if yes, how do I actually browse to that directory from this system? 2) I need to check ...

16. open file in a folder

17. opening files and folders from within application

I'm having a problem making my application launch external files and folders. I'm running on OS X, and so to launch files and folders i would use the "open" command in the terminal. e.g to open the file "house two.png" in my pictures folder, i could type this in terminal and it would open with the default viewer: open "/Users/Ryan/Pictures/house two.png" ...

18. JDev / Opening File with Relative Pathname in java 1.3.1_01

I am trying to write a program at work, that uses java version 1.3.1_01. It would be nice if I could use a relative pathname of the file so that if the file system structure changes on the server side, it doesn't break my program. The file will not necessarily be in the same directory as the program but it will ...