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1. Using relative directory path in Java

I am trying to use a relative path to locate an executable file within a Java class instead of hard-coded lines which worked, but using something like: final static String directory = ...

2. Absolute to Relative File Path in Java

Given I have two File objects I can think of the following implementation:

public File convertToRelative(File home, File file) {
    final String homePath = home.getAbsolutePath();
    final ...

3. How to use a ~ (relative directory) in my java class?

I create a temporary file on the server, that someone uploads. While I was testing, It was fine to use the complete home directory path in my machine. But now that ...

4. How to use relative path instead of absolute path?

So I am having a strange issue with Java. I'm reading a writing files, so the path is important to me. I would like all files to be written and read from ...

5. File.createNewFile() for relative path uses wrong directory after changing "user.dir"-Property

this is my first time asking a question on this great page, so please be patient to me if i make mistakes. What i am trieing to do is to create a ...

6. How to get the relative path of the file to a folder using java

using java, is there method to return the relative path of a file to a given folder?

7. Java relative path - file to file

I want to get the relative path from one file to another. In other words, if I input the file foo/foobar/dafool.html and foo/style.css, how do I end up with ../style.css? I'm using Java.

8. How do I create a File from a string that may represent an absolute or a relative path?

I have a directory pointed to by a File object called baseDir in which I keep most of my files. I have a String f which may contain a relative filename, like ...

9. Relative File Paths

How do I point a File or FileReader object to a file with a RELATIVE pathname? I can get it to work with an absolute pathnname, but that's not what I want. I've tried: filename \\filename ./filename /filename and none of them work. What do I do? BTW, I'm developping in Windows, but I will deploy in FreeBSD.

10. Relative Path Problem

I have made a file say "hello.txt" in the same directory as in which i m creating my class file This is the following code snippet package test; import*; public class FileTest { public static void main(String g[]) { new FileTest().Testme(); } public void Testme(){ String file= "/hello.txt"; try { FileInputStream fin = new FileInputStream(file); System.out.println("File found"); } catch(FileNotFoundException e){System.out.println("File ...

11. relative path

12. Reading a file using a relative Path

Hi, I'm trying to load a file like this: package uni.server; . . public class Datamanager { . . public void init2() { try { String xmlrules = "resources/student-records-digester-rules.xml"; File rules = new File( xmlrules ); URL url1 = this.getClass().getClassLoader().getResource("resources/student-records-digester-rules.xml"); URL url2 = rules.toURL(); if (url1 != null) { System.out.println("URL1: " + url1.toString()); } else { System.out.println("URL1 is null"); } if ...

13. Saving a file to a relative path

every day a log file has to be generated and is named according the date... how do i save that file into a path eg. /dir/logs it works wen i save it in.. for instance c:/dir/logs.. but i dont want the "c:" since the program could be loaded on any drive... i created a method that creates a new file everyday ...

14. specify relative path in File constructor

Hi, I am trying to construct a File object. I want to specify a relative path for the file name. If I specify the absolute path, it works file like File F = new File("C:\\myFile","myFile.xml"); But if I want to access the file in the same folder and say File F = new File("myFile.xml"); It says file not found. How do ...

15. Creating a file by giving relative path

The problems I see with using relative paths are - 1) You can't be sure where the files are being created since it depends on how the application is invoked. 2) You may not have permission to write to the directory. I try to create files in directories that I know I have permission. For example System.getProperty("user.home") is, as the name ...

16. Relative File() path?

18. How to use relative directory locations when compiling?

I have a directory structure as such: c:\javaprogram ----- build ----- src ----- classes ----- lib Within the classes I will have my compiled class and within src is the source code lib contains my .jar files. In the build directory I have a .bat file that I use to compile the source code into the .class which is stored ...

19. Reading file both with absolute path and relative path

I am going to read both properties files and xml files and these files may stay either in my application(.ear) or outside application(in a zipped file in a different directory, may be in separate jboss partition). So I need to write a code which will read files at any circumstances. Using API's like FileInputStream, FileReader, BufferedReader is a good practice or ...

20. Relative paths

21. Help needed to load relative path of file

I am new to java. I am trying to load a properties file from the root level of my project in workspace. I am using below code to get the relative path of my file File appPath = new File(System.getProperty("user.dir")); Properties props = new Properties(); props.load ( new FileInputStream ( new File (appPath +"/" ))); but this loads the current working ...

23. read file from relative path

Hi! I am using Initiator and when the applet loads I want to read some configurations from an xml file. If I include the file in the /classes folder I can read it but the problem is that I have to place it outside the project. I want to read this file from a relative path but I don't know ...

24. How to mention a Relative path in a java file

I can't say for sure whether it will actually work once you implement my suggestion, but I think you have too many ".. " . One directory up puts you at 'classes', a second directory up puts you at 'web-inf', a third directory up puts you at 'webcontent'. So, your code is saying to use "webcontent\template\DevContentsTemplate.xls".

25. Find directory in location relative to class

I'm not making any guarantees but you should be able to: 1. Use Launcher.class.getResource() to get the URL of the Methods directory relative to the ui directory. For example, if ui directory and the Methods directory are in the same directory, ....getResource("/Methods"); 2. Convert the URL to a URI (URL.toURI() method). 3. Create a File using the URI. The File will ...

26. Relative path of a file

27. Creating a file by giving relative path

29. Get File Relative Path

30. Relative path to file

Hi, At the moment I'm doing a project for School in Java, and I work in Eclipse. At a certain point in the application, I have the need to read in a .txt file, using a file reader. Doing this, I can use a relative path from out the Java file. But when I put the Java files in a JAR ...

31. relative path to a file

I did not try. I just remembred having used this long time ago, I found the code and I am just wondering now why I did it like this back then. Maybe no good reason, maybe yes, I will let OP try it. As for portability, yes, it's better to use the File constants instead of '/'. Edit: Wild guess, maybe ...

32. Relative path of files

33. how can we give a relative path to a file in the web directory...

i need to keep some files in a web module..i am using intelliJ as the IDE..i am doing a project using i need to keep the report templates(.jrxml files) in the server(glassfish).but inteliJ doesn't allow us to create folders in the web module to store these files when we deploy the .war i created a folder externally in the ...

35. How to give a relative path, So file gets stored at user's end in web env

What you need to do is to handle it like a download. You set up a servlet which sends the PDF as an output stream, after setting the content type to "application/pdf". What complicates the thing is that IE doesn't properly reckognise MIME types, so the URI has to end in .pdf (and before any query string). So you'd put a ...

36. Pass file relative path to a method that should load it

This new Instance returns the exception " The specified module could not be found." I tried variations like "/drivers/gclib.dll", or "drivers/gclib.dll" but they all return the same error Now, since I lose all the control of what happens in the constructor of SunPKCS11, I need to be able to say to the constructor that he needs to find the "gclib.dll" in ...

37. Relative Path of a File

38. Help needed to load relative path of file

Hi, I am new to java. I am trying to load a properties file from the root level of my project in workspace. I am using below code to get the relative path of my file File appPath = new File(System.getProperty("user.dir")); Properties props = new Properties(); props.load ( new FileInputStream ( new File (appPath +"/" ))); but this loads the current ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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