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1. Java compile error: reached end of file while parsing }

I have the following source code

public class mod_MyMod extends BaseMod
public String Version()
     return "1.2_02";
public void AddRecipes(CraftingManager recipes)
   recipes.addRecipe(new ItemStack(Item.diamond), new Object[] {

2. Java Compile Time Error: reached end of file while parsing

public class Test{
    public static void main(String[] arg){
        System.out.println("Alexander The Great");
In this code, if I remove the ...

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I have two files like and The needs some methods which are present in a .jar file. Before executing I need to run and use the ...

4. Im having some errors while compiling a file

Can you post the code. It looks like you are trying to access an array whose size is less than the index you are trying to fetch. For example your array ...

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9. Why my java file giving error when I compiled it?

Hello all ... I did a small program and saved that in unicode. When I tried to compile it, it throwing error. Later I saved that file in Ascii format and it is successfully compiled. Can you please say what is the problem? Is this the problem of my system? I am using windows XP and donno whether it is ...

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