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1. Why do I get the error "Reached end of file while parsing"?

import javax.swing.JOptionPane;
class Overload
    void average(int a, int b, int c)
        average= (a+b+c)/3;

2. Getting Premature end of file Exception

I'm trying to parse the existing xhtml file to add the additional body content into that file. I am using the following code: First I am reading the body from the ...

3. Ugh !!reached end of file while parsing error

Can someone please help me SOS. I have been working on a GUI mortgage calculator w/ graph and keep getting the same compiling error. Below is my code and from what I understand I am missing a bracket somewhere in my code. I have been up the whole night creating a program for my class and I am already late turning ...

4. reached end of file while parsing error

5. Reached end of file while parsing error please help

well i just compiled the source that you have posted. it appears that you have declared a variable called "oper" within the Design method and tried to acces it from within the actionPerformed method (line 136). thats a scope error. one way to eliminate this error is to declare the oper var as global variable, i.e. along with the JButtons and ...