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1. Can you use JMF in a jar file?

I was reading a old thread and it said that you can not use JMF when working with a jar file but i can not find that thread again so i was just wondering if it was true or if i just read something out of context. -Jeremy Message was edited by: Wrestler77

2. No sound when playing .wav from JAR with JMF - JAR file help or alternative

Hello, I'm stuck, and by now pretty dizzy from, trying to play .wav sound files from a JAR file. (The .wav sound files are located in the same directory as, so not included in, the .jar file) It seems like JMF is the way to go. But while that works fine when I compile the code with Eclipse, I heard no ...

4. how to make jar file of application using JMF

Had similar problems in the past. There probably is a better solution but the one I found to be working is using JBuilders exes insted of jars. JBuilder can build an .exe for you, it's not a true native exe at all, but at least it works. From my experience, sometimes .jars work on one computer and not on the other... ...