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1. Runnable JAR files on different platforms.    java-forums.org

A while ago, I made a Java program for my roommate which plays random chords and asks the user to identify them. I made a jar file of the program which can be found here. On my computer (Windows XP), one could simply double click on the jar file and the program would run immediately. On his computer (a Mac), as ...

2. How do I use this JAR file?    java-forums.org

Hello everybody, I am new here and new to Java, so please be patient if you can. I am trying to make a java project that will make use of a JAR file. The JAR file is called javaanpr.jar and is available in this package JavaANPR - Automatic number plate recognition system What I want to do should be pretty simple, ...

3. Implementing JAR in HTML file    java-forums.org

4. Where sqljdbc4.jar file on machine    java-forums.org

When I'm learning JDBC, I need file sqljdbc4.jar to connect SQL Server with my Java program. File sqljdbc4.jar I easily find on Internet, no problem. But, when I visited Microsoft MSDN page, they say sqljdbc.jar and sqljdbc4.jar are installed in these link: \sqljdbc_\\sqljdbc.ja r \sqljdbc_\\sqljdbc4.j ar (With installation directory is place where I install sql server) But I cannot ...

5. how to add .jar files in my project    forums.oracle.com

Hi all, i am designing a application where i want to translate some words of my web page to different language say, i want "search" word to be translated to french language i have got some .jar files google-api-translate-java-0.4.jar to do this work... can anyone tell in which folder to put .jar files ,so that it works in my project.. i ...

6. regarding jar file creation    forums.oracle.com

7. jar file not working    forums.oracle.com

C:\bin\20080714\SEMC\Hibernate\fftester\new_fftester>java -cp %JBOSS_HOME%\serve r\default\lib\activation.jar %JBOSS_HOME%\server\default\lib\antlr.jar %JBOSS_HO ME%\server\default\lib\autonumber-plugin.jar %JBOSS_HOME%\server\default\lib\bce l.jar %JBOSS_HOME%\server\default\lib\bindingservice-plugin.jar %JBOSS_HOME%\ser ver\default\lib\bsf.jar %JBOSS_HOME%\server\default\lib\bsh.jar %JBOSS_HOME%\ser ver\default\lib\bsh-deployer.jar %JBOSS_HOME%\server\default\lib\cglib.jar %JBOS S_HOME%\server\default\lib\commons-codec.jar %JBOSS_HOME%\server\default\lib\com mons-collections.jar %JBOSS_HOME%\server\default\lib\commons-httpclient.jar %JBO SS_HOME%\server\default\lib\commons-logging.jar %JBOSS_HOME%\server\default\lib\ dom4j.jar %JBOSS_HOME%\server\default\lib\ejb3-persistence.jar %JBOSS_HOME%\serv er\default\lib\el-api.jar %JBOSS_HOME%\server\default\lib\hibernate3.jar %JBOSS_ HOME%\server\default\lib\hibernate-annotations.jar %JBOSS_HOME%\server\default\l ib\hibernate-entitymanager.jar %JBOSS_HOME%\server\default\lib\hsqldb.jar %JBOSS _HOME%\server\default\lib\hsqldb-plugin.jar %JBOSS_HOME%\server\default\lib\java ssist.jar %JBOSS_HOME%\server\default\lib\jaxen.jar %JBOSS_HOME%\server\default\ lib\jboss.jar %JBOSS_HOME%\server\default\lib\jboss-cache-jdk50.jar %JBOSS_HOME% \server\default\lib\jboss-common-jdbc-wrapper.jar %JBOSS_HOME%\server\default\li b\jboss-ejb3x.jar %JBOSS_HOME%\server\default\lib\jboss-hibernate.jar %JBOSS_HOM E%\server\default\lib\jboss-j2ee.jar %JBOSS_HOME%\server\default\lib\jboss-jaxrp c.jar %JBOSS_HOME%\server\default\lib\jboss-jaxws.jar %JBOSS_HOME%\server\defaul t\lib\jboss-jca.jar %JBOSS_HOME%\server\default\lib\jboss-jsr77.jar %JBOSS_HOME% \server\default\lib\jboss-jsr88.jar %JBOSS_HOME%\server\default\lib\jbossjta.jar %JBOSS_HOME%\server\default\lib\jbossjta-integration.jar %JBOSS_HOME%\server\de fault\lib\jboss-management.jar ...

8. Controlling multiple launches of a jar file    forums.oracle.com

I managed to write something that does what I want, based loosely on the KnockKnock files, but all in one. I still have to polish it and modify it to actually work with my project, but at least it does what I need now. The client is still throwing an exception on the line "if (OK_MESSAGE.equals(in.readLine()))" and I assume this is ...

9. How to compress a bunch of .java files into a single .jar file?    forums.oracle.com

Thanks for reply, I?ve read that tutorial before I post. Howevver, it do tells how to compress a jar file. The question I have is how to compile two .java file stored in different packages like rootPackage-->subPackage-->a.java rootPackage-->subPackage2-->b.java I want to compile a,java and b.java both and keep their hierarchy like rootPackage.subPackage.a unchanged. If I directly go into subPackage and compile ...

10. rt.jar file structure?    forums.oracle.com

11. about jar file    forums.oracle.com

12. Bulid Jar file    forums.oracle.com

You can create jar file using netbeans simply by clicking bulid button but first change mainfest file mainfest file should like mainfest version 1.0 Class name: name of class one more thing is you should include all external libariers which you use in out project but if you got stil error like me then use ant for bulidng like i do ...

13. Defining classpaths in .jar files    forums.oracle.com

I'm fairly new to Java, so forgive me if I don't sound entirely professional, or if I leave out any needed information. Using jGrasp as an editor, and an FTP program from [http://commons.apache.org/|http://commons.apache.org/] I created a program to access an FTP server, transfer files, and the like based on user input. It runs fine when I'm using jGrasp to run it, ...

14. my newest making a jar file attempt, need help please    forums.oracle.com

here is a second attempt. i used eclipse instead. and manually tried to make the jar file. when trying to make the jar, i got the error, "invalid manifest format". first, here is the code to the program // Manually allocate differing size second dimensions. class Ragged { public static void main(String args[]) { int riders[][] = new int[7][]; riders[0] = ...

16. Pictures with Jar file    forums.oracle.com

I have used JGrasp to create a jar file of a recent project. My program uses several *.gif files as icons. When i created the jar file and ran it my icons no longer show up. I have tried to add the icons to the jar file and when running the program the icons still fail to display. How do i ...

17. Jar files not working as expected    forums.oracle.com

18. Cant use File in .Jar    forums.oracle.com

19. Create a jar file    forums.oracle.com

I write just here incorrect MATA-INF... but I have META-INF. I read the tutorial but there is so many options. I did not find out there any answers to my questions. That is why I am asking your help! I showed you my MANIFEST.MF and what I put in jar file. What else may be there?

20. .xls file not being recognize by jar    forums.oracle.com

21. jar files    forums.oracle.com

22. How to pass parameters to JAR file in sourcecod?    forums.oracle.com

I do not understand what you want to do! Pass parameters to a class? I think you want to run some Application stored in the jar file. Then the main method interface allowes to pass in commandline parameters. java -jar myJar.jar these are parameters hopefully handled by the main method Please help me understand your problem.

23. Where to physically store downloaded jar files( aka 3rd party file manageme    forums.oracle.com

ok, I've been writing small Desktop programs in Java for a while now, but I have never figured out the best way to manage the physical location of jar files that I download from say, the Apache foundation, to add things such as log4j to my app. Whenever I need to do this, I have done one of the following - ...

24. jdeveloper jar file    forums.oracle.com

hello, i have just finished creating an application using JDeveloper, version 10.1.3.something something something I was just wondering, how do i actually make a jar file for this so that i can run it without having to run it through Jdeveloper. I tried a deployment, and it asked for a deployment profile and nothing useful seems to have been created. thanks! ...

25. Allways jar files in java    forums.oracle.com

26. jar files allways    forums.oracle.com

27. Jar files    forums.oracle.com

my program uses pictures, batch files, executable files. On my computer the program is fully functional, but when i want to use it on a different pc the drive paths will be wrong. I have come to understand that the easiest way around this is to create .jar files containing the resources i need. If I'm wrong please tell me. If ...

28. jar file    forums.oracle.com

29. java jar file    forums.oracle.com

I am using netbeans 5.5. Using netbeans jar file is created in the dist folder. But whenever I double click it, it says "Could not find the main class. Program will exit". I have pasted the Main.java and Main.class file into dist folder, still nothing happens. Any help will be appreciated thank you

30. JAR FILE HELP PLEASE    forums.oracle.com

Hello there. I have been trying to write a GUI application and do need to add Open, save, save as and print functionalities into my code. I think that com.macfaq.io could serve the purpose, but even though I downloaded the rar file at metalab.unc.edu/pub/languages/java/javafaq/javaio.jar, no way could I find the jar file in it and I, therefore, was not able to ...

31. using jar files?    forums.oracle.com

Hi, I'm fairly new to java, currently I mainly use javascript due to restriction on my webhost. I know that Jar files are similar to zip files, i've used existing jar files. I'd like to know if it's possible to store a number of webpages within a jar file and display them in an iframe when required? I know this probably ...

32. how to create exacutable jar file?    forums.oracle.com

33. Stand-Alone Jar file    forums.oracle.com

I have seen it where people have made jar files that can be executed directly (at least on windows) with out the need of an applet. I tried searching for how to do this but I seem to not know what to really call it since I couldn't find anything on it. Can some one please point me in the right ...

34. Creating a jar file    forums.oracle.com

35. making jar file for the project    forums.oracle.com

Hello Everybody, I have a project which has hibernate capability on and also have postgresql facility in the back-end. I have used Myeclipse to make the project which imports all the necessary libraries. Now I want to make an executable jar which will run the whole project without any compilation by only clicking the jar file. And I also want to ...

36. How to includ jar files?    forums.oracle.com

37. Setting themes from lookandfeel jar files    forums.oracle.com

38. Adding JAR files to project    forums.oracle.com

i dont know whether to include these JARs in the 'library' node of the NetBeans project or not? The project node is problematic: it says there are unreferenced libraries (with the same names as the JAR files that I have been sent... unfortunately I cant get hold of this person who sent me it !! :-(( help appreciated ! Gerry

39. How to create a jar file?    forums.oracle.com

Hi Folks, I am new to the Java programming. Kindly bare me. I had a list of java files binded in a package. I just want to create a jar file of these files. Can i know the difference between jar and war files. Your reply will be highly helpful. Reply me ASAP. Regards, Michael

40. commons-io-1.1.jar    forums.oracle.com

41. JAR files    forums.oracle.com

42. Using jar files    forums.oracle.com

43. Please help me with this .jar file!    forums.oracle.com

I have made a program in java that displays images in order called InhumanViewer.java. I've compiled it with textpad and have the class file, but when I use a .bat file to turn it all into a jar, it reads the images when in the folder that contains all the .exe's such as the "jar.exe" and "java.exe", etc. But when I ...

44. .jar files?    forums.oracle.com

46. Serial port icaste runs but not jar file    forums.oracle.com

I see that it refers to line 19 SerialPort myport = new SerialPort(); Question: What am I missing in the code? Instances of the classes? Question: What is the lower case e in the catch block? Question: I don't see an attach button to attach code or pictures in this forum. Should I put a java src file on my server ...

47. Jar file not working - sometimes?    forums.oracle.com

I have a jar file with the following Manifest file: Manifest-Version: 1.0 Ant-Version: Apache Ant 1.6.5 Created-By: 1.6.0_02-b06 (Sun Microsystems Inc.) Main-Class: windows.ItemCreatorUI Class-Path: lib/AbsoluteLayout.jar X-COMMENT: Main-Class will be added automatically by build The class under the Main-Class header has a main method in it, and the jar file is executable on the six computers I have tested and had others ...

48. Serial port icaste runs but not jar file    forums.oracle.com

49. suddenly encountering corrupt jar file    forums.oracle.com

I construct my jar files in directory C:\awd\pp\j\ I copy them to dirctory C:\jj\ I cd to directory D:\dta\fh\ My jar files work as expected using: ?java -jar C:\jj\Program.jar data*.dta? Then I transfer my jar files to C:\jj\ in another computer that has the JVM installed. When I try to run them in the other computer, I get ?Invalid or corrupt ...

50. What are the $-files in my .jar about?    forums.oracle.com

hi i also use netbeans and thought that you might want to know another forums specifically for netbeans. just type in nabble netbeans with google and it will take you there. although this forum is pretty good and you will probably get all the answers you need it is not netbeans specific so you might want to look at that forums ...

51. .jar file and 1.6.0    forums.oracle.com

Getting the dialog box... Java Virtual Machine Launcher [X] Failed to load Main_Class manifest attribute from c:\Documents and Settings\[path]\connectjdbc.jar ...when trying to launch connectjdbc.jar either by double-clicking on it or running it from the command line. I have 1.6.0 JRE and JDK. If I have to create a META-INF for this condition to be fixed, where does the META-INF directory ...

52. How to modify a file inside a jar file    forums.oracle.com

I need to modify some files (properties files) inside a jar file. Do I have to unjar it, make the modification and jar them back? This seems to be a lot of work and very easy to make mistake. In addition, I am not sure what tool they created the original jar file. If I simply use jar from my jdk, ...

53. Jar Files?    forums.oracle.com

The classes have "com.bea" in them. BEA makes WebLogic. As far as I've heard, they don't distribute JBoss. WebLogic is proprietary software. Maybe you can get those jars without buying WebLogic, but (1) it may be illegal, and (2) even if you could get them, they might not work outside of WebLogic anyway. I suppose you could poke around on www.bea.com ...

54. need for jar file    forums.oracle.com

hai members, im working in java image processing i want to find the image format im using org.olat.core.util.ImageInfo this package i need jar file for this package i searched in net im getting jar for 1.5 but i need it for 1.4 pls help me by sending links to download jar files plssssssssss

55. txt file reaeding for jar    forums.oracle.com

I created a java file, which reads the file name from system.ini file and read the content from the target.txt file. I packed as a jar with class, ini, and txt file. Still Java class can access the ini and txt file. Can u send the code? or explain the way how you did?

56. Please help me create a Jar file    forums.oracle.com

I tried reading the tutorials from several sites including sun's, and they all mention the manifest... But they dont say what it needs to be named, how to include it and what goes in it... Can someone please just right the steps for making the manifest file and then for creating the .jar files? Really shouldnt be that bad... Netbeans jsut ...

57. How to use txt files in jar file    forums.oracle.com

Hi all I just made a program that uses a text file, but I havent managed to work it correctly, program runs without jar correctly, but when I packaged all files into a jar, it couldnt find txt file, so I can only run it when I create another text file outside of jar. How can I solve this??

58. jar file output    forums.oracle.com

hi all i made a jar file of my program using this procedure. for eg: u have a file Abc.java for whiich you have to create a jar file with the name abc(i.e. Abc.jar). 1. make a txt file with the name mainclass.txt in the folder which cotains the java file Abc.java. i.e. the .java and the .txt file shud b ...

59. Is there a way to get the .java files from a jar file    forums.oracle.com

if the jarfile contains .java files you can get them from it... If not, you can't. You can at best try your hand at an attempt at recreating something that resembles the sourcefiles from which the classfiles were created by using a decompiler, but that's hardly the same thing (and may well be illegal and/or a breach of contract with the ...

60. Which application uses my jar file?    forums.oracle.com

61. JAR File Extraction    forums.oracle.com

63. JAR file generated - need help understanding console output    forums.oracle.com

I have a JAR file generated for a project capable of being run as an applet. Here's the console output when I try to load the jar file as an applet into a webpage: Java Plug-in 1.6.0_01 Using JRE version 1.6.0_01 Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM User home directory = C:\Documents and Settings\Joshua ---------------------------------------------------- c: clear console window ...

64. How do I make a .jar file    forums.oracle.com

65. imported Jar Files    forums.oracle.com

I have created a Java application using Eclipse.. To get functions to work, I needed to import external jar file. Within Eclipse its all working fine, but once I create the application to a Jar file to run in Windows, it does not work. It?s having problems with the feature that would use functions from the imported jar file. How do ...

66. How do I get a .giff file from a .jar    forums.oracle.com

Thanks for the two solutions. I have used the 2nd solution. I should of explained myself a bit better. I want to use the .gif, from the .jar, without extracting it. The 2nd solution is perfect. I will keep the first example for another use I have in mind. I need to be able to extract .properties files, if they are ...

67. How do you make a jar file for your program?    forums.oracle.com

68. .jar files >Please help<    forums.oracle.com

Good day all. I am very new to java and admittedly not a very technologically savvy person. However, I play the card game "Magic: The Gathering"? and wish to play online because not any of my friends play. I use a macintosh computer. I researched Magic Online and found you could download a free trial from Wizards of the Coast Website, ...

69. Java .jar file    forums.oracle.com

70. jar file: where is it put    forums.oracle.com

71. jar files    forums.oracle.com

I use the command line when i'm on Solaris or remoting to some legacy system, and then I remember why PC's and Mac are so popular. I much prefer Outlook to Pine. I love the fact that Eclipse generates my getters and setters and formats my code for me vs. using Notepad which takes 10 times as long. I also like ...

72. Creating a JAR file that fits my needs...    forums.oracle.com

I've been cracking on this for a while now and I'm getting desperate. I've tried Manifest files, Ant buildfiles, and I can't get it to work, so I'm at your mercy if you can help me.. I've got a project using MiGLayout manager. It's an external library that I wish to use. I have the following file structure: - src - ...

73. jar files    forums.oracle.com

74. import in jar files    forums.oracle.com

hello my dear friends I would ask about import in jar file what I mean is: suppose I write a program depend on classes in JDK 1.5 and I created the jar file then I give that program to my friend who has JDK 1.2 which doesn't included that classes i used the question is????? DOES MY PROGRAM RUN on his ...

75. jar files with JCreator    forums.oracle.com

when I try to create jar file for my simplest program I receive this output from JCreator: --------------------Custom Tool: Create Jar File-------------------- Command : "E:\java\bin\jar.exe" cvfm hello.jar manifest.txt *.class Directory : "" added manifest adding: hello.class(in = 419) (out= 292)(deflated 30%) Process completed. but when I click on hello.jar nothing respond MY Program is: public class hello { public static void ...

76. Using an External Jar file    forums.oracle.com

I was hoping my intro programming class would be easy, as I've done some C++ before, but go figure, it's not. Although the language/concepts aren't to difficult to learn, it seems compiling programs is. For one program, I'm giving an external .jar file to use. I'm using crimson editor and I do have it setup with the jdk1.6.0. It compiles all ...

77. What do jar files give me?    forums.oracle.com

I've been running my application under Eclipse and now I want to run it without the SDK. Thus I made a jar file and tried running with it. It didn't give me anything as I had to create my package structure in addition to the jar file, and I needed all the class files. I'm sure there must be a better ...

78. JAR FILE IS NOT DETECTING IN WINDOW    forums.oracle.com

I think either you are confused, or I am. sa.java and sb.java should be in dir ./p1 demopack.java should be in current dir (.) from the current dir (.) do javac p1/*.java jar -cvf p1.jar p1/*.class javac demopack.java java demopack Everything works, no classpaths are neccessary here, since java uses the current directory as the classpath, unless one is set. Either ...

79. Using JAR files    forums.oracle.com

I have a jar file that I made, called MyJar.jar. I then make a project in eclipse and I include MyJar.jar in the build path so I can use the classes within my custom jar. I then finish my new project and call it ProjectJar.jar. However, when I try to run this ProjectJar.jar, it hangs up at the point when I ...

80. Creating a jar file that imports external jar files !!    forums.oracle.com

Hi, I am trying to create a jar file that uses the following imports import org.apache.commons.httpclient.*; import org.apache.commons.httpclient.methods.*; import org.apache.commons.httpclient.params.HttpMethodParams; but the created jar file doesn't recognise that I have included the nested jar files as follows. jar -cmf myManifest.mf TestHttp2.jar test cd c:\Programme\Java\jre1.5.0_08\lib\ext jar -uf C:\MyWorkspace\Http2\TestHttp2.jar xerces.jar jar -uf C:\MyWorkspace\Http2\TestHttp2.jar commons-codec-1.3.jar jar -uf C:\MyWorkspace\Http2\TestHttp2.jar commons-httpclient-3.1-alpha1 jar -uf C:\MyWorkspace\Http2\TestHttp2.jar commons-httpclient-3.1-alpha1.jar jar ...

81. How to generate a jar file    forums.oracle.com

82. Importing JAR files    forums.oracle.com

I have been importing and using JAR files with Netbeans without any problems, but recently I have been having an issue. I have a library project that I use to connect to a MySQL database. I've created a JAR file of it and am using it in my latest project. Recently, I had to update my library project, and in doing ...

83. JAR files question    forums.oracle.com

84. importing jar files in Sun Java Studio    forums.oracle.com

85. jar files??    forums.oracle.com

i jus started java last night because java is going to be more in demand that c++ in the future and im going to college to become a programmer.. i dont have a programming class at the moment so i am trying to "get a head start" before my class starts.. i went to some tutorials yesterday and it said u ...

86. Making a JAR file smaller    forums.oracle.com

Thank you. I have read a great deal of the tutorial already and what I am particularly asking about is exhibited when I do a 'jar tf filename.jar' and it shows all the classes that have been included. The application was created before my time and used JasperReports. The increase in the number of classes and size of that jar was ...

87. jar file creation    forums.oracle.com

88. My JAR file is not working properly!!!    forums.oracle.com

I made an application that has a GUI (window). I converted it into a JAR file so I can send it to a friend by email. Then she can run it to generate the output. First, the user has to select a destination to save the .txt file (using JFileChooser). Then enters the inputs (using JTextFields). Clicks "Run" button (Results will ...

89. jar file inside jar file    forums.oracle.com

Presumably you've solved all your C# woes, fixed your HTTP client that calls PHP code, are generating everything from WSDL ok, have completely sussed the classpath problems, got all your work obfuscated and basically fixed all the other, completely disparate issues you've been asking about for the last week or so? Cool. I wouldn't like to think you were biting off ...

90. jar file    forums.oracle.com

No, I mean that if you don't want that data accessible, then don't put it in the jar at all. Put it someplace that isn't accessible to users. Presumably you're using that information in some functionality, but the user doesn't need to directly know the information. So you can expose that functionality as a web service (for example) rather than baking ...

91. commons jar file    forums.oracle.com

That could have been a good idea but as mentioned in my earlier post whats required is just simply putting it in the lib directory under libs folder and in case I am not wrong I dont think one could access the JNDI datasources and dataaccess from that folder. All I need is a confirmation of this. That one cannot access ...

92. Jar file is empty    forums.oracle.com

Hi, I am trying to package a small application into a jar file, but besides the manifest, the jar comes out empty. My directory structure is a s follows /mydir/src/ [java files and manifest.txt] /mydir/bin/[compiled java classes in packages] I run the following command from /mydir/src/: jar cmf manifest.txt ../bin/MyJar.jar ../bin I understood that the last argument - ../bin should tell ...

93. Use the jar file under WEB-INF/lib    forums.oracle.com

No. At this situation, it has nothing to do with that. All I want is to create a new object. Normally it could be any object so long its class is in a imported package. If I can do, import com.test.User; then, I should be able to do; User user = new User(); But how can no the User be recognized? ...

94. Jar File Invalid    forums.oracle.com

Hi, so I have got a little further with the jar and I now have the following problem. In the code I load a XML file e.g. "maps/testmap.xml" which works correctly, but obviously in the jar it doenst find the file, how do I change this so that the jar reads the file within the jar and doesnt look for what ...

95. removing Jar file on exit    forums.oracle.com

96. jar file    forums.oracle.com

97. Calling a method within 'custom built' jar file    forums.oracle.com

After compiling Add.java into Add.class , I built a jar filed named Add.jar from Add.class. Add.jar has a method 'public static int add(int a, int b)'. I have another class in the same project folder/package which has main . From the main method I wish to call add(a,b) method of the jar. However I am not able to call the method ...

98. JAR files + java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError    forums.oracle.com

99. how to use a jar file    forums.oracle.com

100. Creating a Jar file and fixing a headache    forums.oracle.com

The manifest looks right so you now need to post your code. You have made the class 'public' haven't you? You have made the main() method 'static' and 'public' haven't you? Edited by: sabre150 on Nov 14, 2009 8:20 AM One basic rule when doing anything for the first time is to make it as simple as possible. In your place ...

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