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1. How to add external jars in batch file in Java

I have a java batch file consisting of 4 execution steps written for analyzing any Java application. In one of the steps, I'm adding few libs in classpath that are needed ...

2. Launch .jar files with command line arguments (but with no console window)

I have to do a demo of an application, the application has a server.jar and client.jar. Both have command line arguments and are executable. I need to launch two instances of ...

3. How to stop a running *.JAR file with a batch script?

We are facing trouble restarting closing a running *.JAR file started with the "java -cp". Killing java.exe worked fine. But... isn't there any smoother way for the application? (It saves data on shut-down) Also, ...

4. How to make a distributable batch file of my jar

Hi I have created a java application and created a jar file. Then I created a batch file eg-> startup.bat The contents of this file is java -jar MyApp.jar Now ...

5. batch file command to run jar file

I am created jar file.The jar file is an executable one.But how can i run the jar file from the out side,using created batch file.I want to know the batch file ...

6. Text-based loading bar when running Java in command prompt?

I was just wondering if there was a way to use System.out.println(); or other methods to create a cool loading bar when I run my program with a batch file. The real ...

7. Run two JARS sequentially one after another using a BATCH file

I need to execute 2 jars files in sequence order. number1.jar need to run and finish its execution before number2.jar is executed. How could I achieve this using a BATCH file ...

8. Running jar with dropped file on bat

I want to drag and drop a file on a .bat file. After I dropped it I want to run a jar file with the dropped file path as input. How ...

9. running jar from batch file in java

I am having problem to run the main class from the jar. Ant script has produced following folders:

MyProject(Somewhere in C:)
 |____configuration(this contains properties/XML file)
 |____dist(contains MyProject.jar)
 |____lib(contains all ...

10. batch file to run jar file with parameters

How can I run a batch file and pass parameters to jar file? this doesn't work mybat.bat

java -jar log_parser.jar %1 %2 %3 %4
running bat file
C:\>log_parser.bat -file=C:\\trace_small.log -str=Storing
java sees only -file

11. Add jar files to class path

I am making a build script as a batch file (don't ask me why or suggest alternatives. You won't be helping). I have a variable called CLASSPATH that I use with ...

12. Executing a Java running application from a Jar or Batch file

I have a Java application and a build file which, among its tasks, has one task to create a jar file from the application and one to run the application

<!-- ===== ...

13. Using batch file to run a jar file

I found a way to set the classpath for the resource file. I am using a batch file to run my JAR. I have set the path like this

echo off
set ...

14. applet execution fail to execute batch file packaged inside executable jar

I am executing a bat file through my java program. the path is hardcoded in java. I have packaged bat file in the jar.and jar contains main class as an applet class. i ...

15. Error while including jar files in a batch file

I was trying to compile my Java program with this batch file:

set path=C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_17\bin
set library=C:/lib/commons-io-1.2.jar;C:/lib/aspectjrt.jar;C:/lib/certjFIPS.jar;C:/lib/ci.jar;C:/lib/jsafeFIPS.jar;C:/lib/jaxb-api.jar;C:/lib/configservice-api.jar;C:/lib/configservice-impl.jar;C:/lib/dfc.jar;C:/lib/jaxb-impl.jar;C:/lib/log4j.jar;C:/lib/Logger.jar;;
cd C:\Projects\temp\code\project
javac -classpath C:\classes;%library%  -d C:\classes\temp\code\project\ *.java
But it throws the following error:
Import statement ...

18. Windows Batch and Jar Files

Hello I need to execute a jar file with more memory on the heap. So I wrote a batch file to do this: start java -Xmx128M -jar myjar.jar However, an unforeseen event has occurred! The console still appears even though I used "start", and all my output displays to this window. This is not acceptable. Even if I redirect the output ...

19. how to create batch file for jar files

20. Weird question: How do you go from .jar to .exe? and batch files/runtime

So, I am self learning Java, wrote a calculator as my first program... just basics so far... this is far more advanced than I am ready to do, but i think im going to try doing this next. I have a batch file that calls Microsoft defragger and goes through each drive and defrags it in sequence. I would like to ...

21. jar files in classpath for a batch file

hi all I have a batch file in which i'm using some third party jars.I have them in my program files directory and when i give the absolute path to those jar files.It says : java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: Files\Java\xstream-1.2.2\lib\xstream.jar;ida.jar; when i put them in my current directory it works fine but doesn't work when i move them to program files directory and explicitly ...

22. Execute batch file in JAR

23. help wrap my JAR execution with a batch file

Can someone please help me figure out how to wrap my JAR execution with a batch file that will increase the heap size to java Xmx1024m. The data Im dealing with grows over time and I just started getting the java -Xmx256mjava.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space error. Ive been looking everywhere, but all I find are people talking about add a batch ...

24. Difference between running a java application as jar or via batch file?Hi,

Hi, I'm facing some strange differences in the behavior of my application , only caused by different methods to execute the application . So I have know the potential difference between these methods to locate the error. 1) running my application it with java -jar (via batch-file or command-prompt) or in eclipse works fine 2) executing the jar by double click ...

25. running jar files with batch file