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1. how to refactor .jar file

jar files.i want to see the classes and code how it is designed.when i try to open it in netbeans all .class extensions says cannot i missing something??how to see ...

2. Convert .jar file to JAVA DOC

How can I put my jar file to web. i.e is there a software that decompile jar file and make html pages of it? In other words I want to make a ...

3. Can jar files be decompiled to get original source?

I have a major problem that happened to me. I am writing a program that has taken me 3 months+ to make and today i accidently deleted the source code. I ...

4. How do I decompile a .jar file?

Possible Duplicates:
Where can I find a Java decompiler?
How to decompile a whole Jar file?
I have a .jar file. Its a single ...

5. Protecting Java jar files from decompiling.

1. Write a no-decompile clause into the licence. 2. Make your product so expensive that no licensee will want anybody else to get one for nothing. 3. Make your product so inexpensive that it would be simpler to buy it than reverse-engineer it. 4. Bring out new versions of your product so rapidly or with such amazing new features in each ...

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