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1. Why it is impossible to delete entries from jar file?    stackoverflow.com

It is possible to add new entries to jar file using jar tool.
It is possible to modify some entries in jar file using jar tool.
But it is impossible to delete some ...

2. is there any way to convert Jar Entry to a File Object    coderanch.com

Is there anyway i can convert File in Jar to File Object. I am using some third party classes which needs File as an argument.so is there any work around to get Jar entry(some x File) to Convert to File Object.and i don't want to to create new files in hard disk to perform this work. Thanks for your time

3. Application's entry point in jar file?    forums.oracle.com

You should still provide a third argument to the command line, but that should point to the directory that contains the top level package, but it shouldn't be the top level package. E.g you have myproject\classes\foo\bar\MyApplication and you are executing the jar command from the myproject folder The third argument should in that case be classes, and it should be e.g. ...

4. Enumerating Jar file entries    forums.oracle.com

At the risk of invoking the wrath and contempt of forum watchers the world over, I wish to reopen this can of worms. I'm writing a Java program to play cribbage, and I have finally succeeded in getting it to run as a jar. My package structure for the jar is as follows. cribbage (contains all the cribbage-specific processing) .....images (contains ...