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1. Find a class somewhere inside dozens of JAR files?

This isn't exactly a programming question, but it is indirectly related to CLASSPATH errors. I am unsure of the dependencies for this project. What is a good tool to search for ...

2. finding class name conflicts and jar file version discrepancies and redundancies

Most of the time , the developers will be having hard time to debug the issues related to class loading issues for the reasons like 1 . the class path ...

3. How to find out which JSRs are used in a jar file?

I want to know if a jar file can run properly on my phone, I know JSRs that my phone supports?but I don't know which JSRs are used in a jar?so ...

4. jar can't find file

(I accidentally put this message into my last topic as a reply...). ok, now there's another file path issue I am confused about: my app reads a file when loading. I have the file located in the directory tree in the right place, so that when I 2x-click on the jar file (the .jar file located in the classes directory), the ...

5. exclude in jar file while the system can still find the file

Dear all, I would like pack my jar file while placing my file outside the jar. The reason is I want to change my System variables(which place in the time by time. So it will be too much work for me if I put the properties file within the jar. I will have to export it every time if ...

6. problem finding jar file

8. How to find the build/version of a jar file

I'd appreciate if somebody could tell me about some of the ways to instrument a jar with a version and then find that version easily. I understand that one can put any information, including a version, in How does one find that version without having to write a program to open the jar file and reading the contents of ...

9. Cannot find class in a signed jar file

Does client.second have a dependency on the compute.jar? And if so, is that jar signed? My primary experience with signed JARs is with Java Web Start and Applets. And for those, all the secondary jars also need to be signed. I can't remember what error you get if they are not. I'm not sure if the same requirement holds for running ...

10. finding files inside a jar

I have an executable jar that needs to be able to tell if a file is located inside of itself. What would be a good way to go about this. Right now I am getting an enumeration of jar entries and placing its entries into an arrayList. I am then searching the arrayList for the file. Is there a more efficient ...

11. cann't find jar files in jar file

Hi, I use class files from a bunch of jar files and they are working ok. Then I put those jars into a big jar and put it into lib directory since this dirctory will be included into classpth. However this time all the classes cann't be found any more. May I ask what I need to do to retrieve the ...

12. find source code through Jar file.

Hi, I am a beginner java programmer and have been entrusted with learning our company's Java application. The architect of the application is not forthcoming in sharing information and so I need help in tracing the source code for the application. I know where the .jar files are stored but I don't know where the actual .java or .class files are ...

13. Can't find jar file in CLASSPATH in Fedora 5

Two things: The classpath is not used to find JAR files. It is used to search for class files. So putting a directory that contains a JAR file in the classpath doesn't make Java look for the JAR file in that directory. Also, when you are running an executable JAR file with "java -jar ..." then the CLASSPATH environment variable is ...

14. where to find the jar files

15. Creating a JAR file: File finding problem

NOTE: I hesitated whether to put this topic in the SWING Forum or in this Forum since I'm using the ImageIcon class, put this consists a problem with a JAR file. Hello everyone. I'm working on a project that has several CLASS files and PNG files (for icons). I want to be able to send the BETA version of this project ...

16. finding certain files in a jar using ClassLoader.getResources()

I've built a Java/Hibernate/Swing standalone app that works great when executed from within Eclipse. I created a runnable jar, in which the GUI part worked but the app stalled when the "DoIt" JButton was clicked. After a great deal of googling I have a vague understanding that the problem lies with classloaders, and that one solution is to use ClassLoader.getResource() and/or ...

17. java command not finding jar file

import; import com.javaranch.common.*; public class DaysOld { public static void main(String[] args) { if (args.length > 0) { GDate birthday= new GDate(args[0]); GDate today = new GDate(); JDate daysbirth = new JDate(birthday); JDate daysto = new JDate(today); int days = daysto.get() - daysbirth.get(); System.out.println("Your birthday is " + birthday.toString()); System.out.println("Today is " + today.toString()); System.out.println("Days since birth " + days); ...

18. Cannot find jar file in WEB-INF

We are creating a web based reporting application that will utilize iReports, jasper and jrxml files. We successfully created the transfer objects and jasper files, however, when we compile the appication it cannot seemed to find the iText-2.1.7 (for PDF files) or poi.3.6 (for excel spreadsheets). The .jasper and .jrxml files are found and the objects and creation methods work because ...

19. how can i find a file in jar

i have created a jar of my application. jar contains image files also which i need to send them to report. first i tried sending file path.but the file it self is comming null when i run jar. but working fine when i run main class. MyClass.class.getResource("/img/abc.png");...... did not work when running through jar. but working with streams InputStream inputStream = ...

20. How to find jar files

21. Find the running .jar's filename?

22. help to find FI jar file

23. Cant find these .jar files anywhere

24. help to find a jar file

26. Can not find .apk file when I add external .jar files to the project

Ok I have another question. I imported some .class files to my project, that seems to have worked fine. But then I needed to add some .jar files for those .class files I imported. I was getting this error: The type javax.jws.soap.SOAPBinding$ParameterStyle cannot be resolved. It is indirectly referenced from required .class files The type javax.xml.bind.annotation.XmlAccessType cannot be resolved. It is ...

27. How do i find the filename of the class / jar file thats being executed?

If you're not joking, then you're very confused. Simply listing the files in a directory, or reading the contents of a file, cannot be "lethal" or "poisonous"--whatever you think those terms mean in this context. It's only when a file's contents are taken as code and executed that viruses and other malware can do damage.

28. JAR file contain a class, and is in CLASSPATH, but JVM cant find the class.

Hello Friends: I'm sure this has been answered, perhaps numerous times in the past... although I can't find a concrete answer to this rather simple question myself (thusly replies truly appreciated). The issue: When executing a Java class that relies on other classes contained in one-or-more JAR files; and said JAR files do indeed contain the expected classes, and in the ...

29. Find out how the program was built/compiled from the .jar file?

Hello, I have a directory of Java code and a .jar file. I can run this .jar file as intented. But, I do not have any information/instruction as how to compile/build the .jar file. I wonder if there is a way to use the .jar file to find out how the program and the .jar file were compiled, built, and put ...

30. Find a class under Jar file

Hi all, If I want to find out a class resides under what jar file, under Linux, I use this command: for i in $(find -name \*.jar) ; do if jar tf $i | grep q className.class ; then echo $i ; fi ; done Does anybody know how can I do this under Windows? If I need to know a ...

31. I need a link where I can find "Apache POI - HWPF" jar file

public class Word_Reader { public static void main (String args[]) { try { InputStream is = new BufferedInputStream(new FileInputStream("test.doc")); WordExtractor wd = new WordExtractor(is); String text = wd.getText(); System.out.println(text); } catch(FileNotFoundException e1) { System.out.println("File does not exist."); } catch(IOException e2) { System.out.println("IO Exception"); } } } I get printed on console: "IOException". What is wrong in my code?

32. JAR file not finding external properties files

Hi all, i need to access a property file from a jar file..But if i include the jar file within the jar file it is working fine..but i need to put the property file outside the jar file,and i need to read this from my jar file. any pointers would be appreciated.. Aravind

33. where can i find javax.xml.bind jar file?

34. can't find file in a jar

I have an mp3 file in my jar and I access it by doing: FileInputStream fis = new FileInputStream("Track_4.mp3"); I know that this is the exact name of the file for two reasons: 1. It said it was in the verbose output when i created the jar. 2. I created a mini-test program with the same chunk of code and it ...

35. Finding files in jars

Hello, I have a problem with finding xml files in my program. Here is what I want to do: In my project there are some xml files under a certain file structure, say "src/main/data". These files determine the behaviour of some UI masks and define database objects. The files are read and parsed on startup. I search only src/main/data on the ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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