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1. How do I attach properties files to a jar?

I have a project that uses the serial port, and it requires two files to run, the win32.dll file (which is in the java runtime environment bin folder) and the ...

2. Set properties from .properties file in .jar on JVM startup

How can I setup the JVM to automatically load a .properties file in .jar on the classpath on JVM startup? I do not want to configure the properties on the commandline ...

3. modify properties file in META-INF

I'm using maven and storing a properties file in src/main/resources which I can read fine like:


4. properties file not working inside jar

I am having issues with properties file when I try to make my standalone Java aplication a runnable jar. I have 2 properties file, depending upon the machine where its running one ...

5. Detect if a .properties file is in a jar

If it possible to detect if a .properties file is being loaded from inside a jar file. I have a class that loads a bean from a .properties file and then sets up a listener to reload the bean if it changes. If the .properties file is in a jar then the listener is of no use and I want to ...

6. Changing properties file in a jar...

7. Jar a project with property files in it external to jar

I have a java class which reads some properties from a property file(which contains database server urls username and passwords).I want to jar the class file and give it to the some other project so that they can just change the properties file if needed and use the jar file in their project . When i make the jar file ,i ...

8. adding a property file to a jar

hi, i want to deliver a jar to a client in which some of the classes read some values from property files.My question is 1)Is it a good idea to put property files in a jar? 2)if so how can i put a property file inside a jar? 3)If its not how can i distribute it as it may go to ...

9. Property File inside the jar

I have one java file with main method in it. I have a property file and the java file is using this property file. I have jarred that class file along with the property file. Can the java file can able to read the property file by giving the url only? or Since the property file is inside the jar, the ...

11. properties file in a jar

All, I have a standard dev/test/prod enviroment. I also have my core classes in myapp.jar. I have your basic db connect string for each environment. So I am trying to do this right and have a properties file instead for hard coding a different string for each DB (among other things) The problem is that the jar file is being used ...

13. save changes to properties file stored in a JAR

Not really. Why do you think you need to do this? If you are saving the state of a game (or something similar) then just save an updated version of the properties file somewhere in the user's home directory structure and each time you start the program you try to load it before getting the value from the jar file. P.S. ...

14. Properties file in jar

When I build my application, I put the properties file in the jar file. I can easily read the properties file from there using ClassLoader.getSystemResourceAsStream but is there a way to actually UPDATE the properties in the properties file if it's included in the jar file I'm executing? Or, would I have to put the properties file outside of the jar ...

15. Problems with jar file and property files

I have created a JAR file that has a class that is to extend the Properties class to allow it to return int, double, boolean, etc. The problem I am running into is the following: The class in the JAR file cannot find any of the properties files that are not in the JAR file. I am not sure how to ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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