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1. Java resource files

I'm writing a small GUI app that contains some "editor" functionality, and something that I'd like to let users open a few sample text files to test things out quickly. The ...

2. How do I read a resource file from a Java jar file?

I'm trying to access an XML file within a jar file, from a separate jar that's running as a desktop application. I can get the URL to the file I ...

3. Writing to Java Properties file contained as a Resource in a Jar File

Is there a way to modify the property values in a Properties file that is stored in a Jar file as a Resource? This is the scenario that I am trying to ...

4. adding non-code resources to jar file using Ant

I am in the process of packaging my java application into a jar file. I am using ant and eclipse. I need to actually include in the jar a couple of ...

5. How to save a resource from an executable jar file to local drive?

I wonder if there is a way to extract a resource file packaged in an executable jar file and save it to a local drive, so when a user downloads my ...

6. Load properties file in JAR?

I'm having trouble when one of the jars that my web app depends on tries to load a properties file from within the jar. Here is the code in the ...

7. Loading a resource in a JAR file

I have a Java project in Netbeans. It runs fine with Maven. So I assembled it. It contains the following code to load a file that is in the JAR:

ClassLoader loader ...

8. Why some resource files are put under META-INF directory

I am wondering why some resources files are put under the META-INF directory in the JAR? I am always put the resources like under the root diretcory. Any advantage to ...

9. How to override resource file defined in a Jar?

In a file structure of standard J2EE Web application, I want to override a key-value message pair that defined in a resource file that reside in an imported Jar. I know ...

10. How to read several resource files with the same name from different JARs?

If there are two JAR files in the classpath, both containing a resource named "" in its root. Is there a way to retrieve both files similar to getClass().getResourceAsStream()? The order ...

11. How to add resources into jar file

I need to add an exel file into my jar so it's portable. I know the answer is using getClass().getResource.... but i don't have a clue on how to go about ...

12. Can getResourceAsStream() find files outside the jar file?

I'm developing an application that uses a library that loads a configuration file as:

InputStream in = getClass().getResourceAsStream(resource);
My application in then packed in a .jar file. If resource is inside the .jar ...

13. Accessing a file inside a .jar file

Possible Duplicate:
How do I read a resource file from a Java jar file?
Starting to go completely bonkers over this after googling for hours. I've ...

14. Reading resources from a jar file

I am new to Java Web Start. I need to be able to read a file from the jar. My application has many configuration files along with some input files, and I need to be able to access them. I have tried every way that you suggest, but I keep getting a null. It cannot find the resource. I am at ...

15. Resources from a JAR file for w/s

16. how to access the resources(methods,fields of a class) of a jar file in other program

Put the jar file in the runtime classpath on your system (and/or add it to the classpath for the program you are using to start the application). You also will need it as an available library for building. Is this a java program? [ March 29, 2006: Message edited by: Scott Selikoff ]

17. Jar File Resources

My application is a JAR file and I am needing to get a group of resources all at one time with specifically specifying the file names. I know how to get a single resources, for example. getClass().getClassLoader().getResource("") but I have a directory full of images and I need to get all the image names. So basically, if I were to do ...

18. Resource within jar file within jar file

Hi There, I have my main jar file containing classes and within that I have another jar file full of images and a library.xml file to manage those images as such: utilities.jar - com/esp/textures/JarTextureLibrary.class - com/esp/textures/textures.jar - library.xml - bricks/brick_01.gif - bricks/brick_02.gif - etc... In code I do the following URL url = com.esp.textures.JarTextureLibrary.class.getResource("textures.jar"); I then modify the URL by: String ...

19. Loading resources - Jar files

This problem has probably been posted before but I couldn't find it in the beginner forums..sorry if it has already been answered. My file structure is simple, I have all of my resource files (images, sounds and configuration files) inside my working directory. To load these files, I use their relative path using URL, for example, to load the images: URL ...

20. File not found as class resource in jar...

File represents real operating system Files, not JAR file entries. File.exists() won't work on a path inside a jar. Just look to see if "c.getResource(localPath)" returns null. If it does, then the resource doesn't exist; if it returns a URL, then the resource exists. There's no need to ever convert the URL to a File.

21. Modify a property file which is a resource in a jar file

Hi All, I have a property file as a resource in my jar file which I am loading using a class loader. I am then using these properties in my application as and when required. I wanted to know if it is possible to modify the contents of the resource property file from a java program or not. Thanks in advance. ...

22. adding resources to jar file

Hi all . I have a little problem but I cant figure out it . I want to add to my project some resources like music, video or simply txt file .But when i run my code whit compiler it works normal ands shows that path file is normal .but when i run Jar file in my computer or on another ...

23. Problem in accessing resources from jar file

hello, i am new to jar concept so plz help me . I have created an applet which contains sounds and images. and now i am creating a jar file which contains all the sounds and images and class files required for applet now the problem i am getting is: 1. my jar file size ranges in MBs which is making ...

24. Resources from JAR files

This is doubtless very simple stuff, but I nonetheless cannot figure out where I?m going wrong. I just need to open up some image files as icons in my program, and I?m trying to put all of the classes and resources in one jar file. I?m loading the image using getResource, and I have the images in a folder in the ...

25. Why can't I read any of my resources in a jar file?

So that is my problem now. I am stuck. For my purposes, I basically must use a stored text file within my jar, but I don't know how to read it. It distresses me that normally, I already know how to open images that are located inside my src folder using URLs, but not any other file requiring a File class ...

26. Locating resources within .jar files

I have a number classes in my application which need to read data from text files, and I thought of packaging the default version of these files in the .jar. The problem is that I'm using Eclipse to do my builds, and finding a way to specify the file paths so that they are found both when testing the app from ...

27. MissingResourceException when using Resource Bundle within a jar file

Hi Chicon I'll try that and see what happens. As far as locale's go, I dont do anything to change it so I'm guessing that it will be en_GB as my computer is setup for English UK. What is confusing me a little, is based on my understanding of getBundle from the API, if it can't find a properties file for ...

28. Loading resources from jar files

Hi. I have a problem with loading resources from within my jar file In my current program i load both images and text files from a jar file with the directories 'Images' (containing the images) and 'Maps' (containing the text files). For loading Images i use the following code: ImageIcon(getClass().getResource("Images/imageFile.png")).getImage(); and it works perfectly. For loading Text files, i use the ...

29. Access to resources inside jar file

Hello all. Can you help to resolve issue There is jar file with such structure my.jar\META-INF\tags\my.tag This my.tag file is a kind of JSP page (this feature appeared in JSP 2.0) This my.tag file should have access to javascript, css and image files located inside of jar. How I can take access to these resources just inside of jar file? Add ...

30. Referencing a resource in a jar file

32. Scanning Jar files for available resources

33. Referring to a resource in a jar file

Hi everybody, I'm creating a jar file with a text file in it, and my application needs to create an input stream that connects to the file. When I run this on my computer without jarring it, it works fine; the file is in a package called "viewer" and it initializes without a problem. When I export from Eclipse 3.2 into ...

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