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1. How to detect a Selector.wakeup call

If I would write:

int selectedChannels =;
Set selectedKeys = selector.selectedKeys();
if ( selectedChannels != selectedKeys.size() ) {
    // returned because of a call to Selector.wakeup()

2. Java Selector NIO Reading problem

Relevant Code -- Note Instructions is merely a class with several methods which will operate on the data. A new thread is created operate on the data read. READ THREAD:

while(true) {

3. java nio Selector wakeup

Please point/provide me an working example of selector.wakeup(); method between two threads. I tried to create a simple program where a thread is waiting on method. Second thread creates some sockets ...

4. Not able to open selector in solaris for non root user

I have a server application which runs fine in most of the cases but in one solaris machine it not able to open the selector ,for root user it is working ...

5. infinited loop with java selector

I am a new comer in Java, now I got puzzled with java nio selector, below are the code from the book of java network program 3rd,


import ...

6. Why custom NIO Selector Provider?

Does anyone know why would we ever need a custom selector provider in java NIO. Is there anyone who has ever used a custom selector provider and why would you do ...

7. when does java nio selector unblock on select() call

I am learning the NIO package. I refer the NioServer example from here. The selector thread in blocks on; 
Iterator<SelectionKey> selectedKeys = this.selector.selectedKeys().iterator();
while (selectedKeys.hasNext()) {

8. Java NIO Selector Hang (jdk1.6_20)

I'm using jdk1.6_20 on Linux 2.6. I am observing a behavior where the NIO Selector, after calling, fails to wake-up within the timeout(timeout=5 sec). It returns much later, couple of ...

9. How are selectors implemented internally?

I've just started exploring java NIO, non-blocking IO. I'm interested to know the fundamentals behind the implementation. How is communication between Java selector and physical socket is established? Is there a ...

10. nio selector

Hi, I am trying to do the following using the nio package of the 1.4 package: My server socket blocks on accept. As soon as it returns with a socket, I register the channel associated with that socket to a Selector, which registers for read operations. When the Selector select method returns with a key, I assign the reading task to ...

11. Impact of multiple selectors (nio)

12. NIO -

13. NIO Selector problems

If you were reading from an already closed socket you would get a -1, not a buffer full of zeros. I suspect you have a bug somewhere else in the code you haven't shown us. Search these forums for a thread called 'Taming the NIO circus' and read just the contributions from pkwooster and me. BTW when you call accept() in ...

14. NIO - Selector

15. simulate a java nio Selector

well my question is the next I'm trying to programming a Selector, something like Selector nio from java, that is, avoid the multi threading server(chat server), i have a method called select() it is blocked(wait) waiting any event like a new client ACCEPT or READ. of course i have a clase where synchronize it with monitors my classe have the next ...