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1. Asynchronous channel close in Java NIO

Suppose I have simple nio based java server. For example (simplified code):

while (!self.isInterrupted()) {
  if ( <= 0) {

  Iterator<SelectionKey> iterator = selector.selectedKeys().iterator();

2. long polling netty nio framework java

How can I do long-polling using netty framework? Say for example I fetch http://localhost/waitforx but waitforx is asynchronous because it has to wait for an event? Say for example it ...

3. Netty froze with multiple clients connection

I`m trying to test netty, but when i creating a multiple clients to connect to server, some of client just froze and never finish. Here my code( basically i used code from ...

4. Java Non-Blocking and Asynchronous IO with NIO & NIO.2 (JSR203) - Reactor/Proactor Implementations

So here I am reading one of my favorite software pattern books (Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture - Patterns for Concurrent and Networked Objects), specifically the sections on Proactor/Reactor asynchronous IO patterns. I ...