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1. How Can I create different selectors for accepting new connection in java NIO

I want to write java tcp socket programming using java NIO. Its working fine. But I am using the same selector for accepting reading from and writing to the clients. How Can ...

2. How to count java nio connection number

Java nio establishes lots of connections, How to do a count?

3. Specify connection timeout in java.nio

Using non-blocking I/O, the code for connecting to a remote address looks something like:

SocketChannel channel = SelectorProvider.provider().openSocketChannel();
The connection process will then have to be finished by invoking finishConnect() on the channel ...

4. java nio: if read returns -1 does it mean client has closed connection?

I have a question with reference to this tutorial In the read method of the server, if read returns -1 then does it always mean client has closed connection?? I modified ...