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1. Java NIO (Netty): Exceptionhandling in Downstream Hanlders/Chain

could someone please explain to me, how in netty "Downstream Exceptions" are handeled? According to the javadoc there are no Downstream exceptions: Given the case that in one of my ...

2. Weird indexOutOfBound erro from Netty's

I have the following simple code in my netty project, it expects to read an integer from the upstream. No encoder is in the pipeline.

public void messageReceived(ChannelHandlerContext ctx, MessageEvent e) throws ...

3. What is the meaning of child.connectTimeoutMillis in Netty's configuration?

What does this do in netty?

bootstrap.setOption("child.connectTimeoutMillis", x);

4. Handling received messages directly in the Client (using nio trough the netty-framework)

I have made an client - server example using netty. I have defined handlers for the server and the client. Basically I connect with the client to the server and send some messages. Every ...

5. looking for a "does everything buffer" in java- decided to work with Netty

Some background:

I working on some java packages that need to take data, divide it and distribute to many Servers online. According to the user code (person using my packages), I will ...

6. Why is the JDK NIO using so many anon_inode file descriptors?

I'm using Sun's JDK 1.6.0_26 and NIO (with Netty) and in lsof I see hundreds of file descriptors that are anon_inode:

$ lsof -np 11225 | fgrep -w anon_inode
java    ...