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1. How to deserialize xml data from c# to java?

I have identical objects in both a c# server app and a java client app. The server XML serializes these objects and makes them available through a REST service. The ...

2. Java Enums: de-serializing an arbitrary enum from a file

A co-worker ran into an interesting issue today, and while I think the actual, big-picture answer is "the fact that we're having this problem means we're doing something wrong", I figured ...

3. What is the value of static variables after deserializing an object?

Let's say that I create an instance of class B, which has an static variable x, assigned with a value of 3 in the class B declaration. In the main() method, ...

4. How to deserialize synchronizedMap and synchronizedList?

This is probably just a question of syntax (and my inability to find it ;) Here's the collections to be (de)serialized:

private Map<String, Terminal> terminals = Collections.synchronizedMap(new HashMap<String, Terminal>());
private List<Host> hosts = Collections.synchronizedList(new ...

5. How can I deserialize the object, if it was moved to another package or renamed?

Consider the following situation: There is a serialization file, created by the older version of the application. Unfortunately, the package has changed for the class, that has been serialized. And now I ...

6. Skipping over newly-transient fields when deserializing

I inherited the following code (and data stored using it, i.e. serialized instances of A):

class A implements Serializable {
  private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;
  int someField;

7. Difference between serializing and deserializing and writing internals to a file and then reading them and passing them in constructor

Lets say we have a class

Class A implements serializable{

    String s;
    int i;
    Date d;

    public A(){

8. Serialization of Interface Reference for an Implementation Class fails at De-serialization

I'll try and explain my problem as concisely and clearly as possible. I feel that what I'm trying might inherently be wrong, but somehow I believe it should work. So please ...

9. Deserializing Data in Java

I'm trying to read in player data from an array list, but after 2 hours of searching and experimenting, I'm lost. Here's the deserializing code. It's commented, but basically there should be ...

10. Java de-serialization of enums and valueOf

I've got a distributed system with a serializable enum class with constants that might vary across the system. Because these classes may be different, valueOf could potentially be called upon deserialization on ...

11. Deserializing XML to Object

I have a xml file, which is not serialized using XStream.
It may be in any custom but fixed format,
How to use XStream or any efficient api to de serialize it to ...

12. XML Deserializing java XSTream issue

This is XML

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

This is POJO,
public class Person ...

13. How do I serialize / deserialize a class in XML with Woodstox StAX 2

I'm pretty much trying to archive, what has been done in how-to-serialize-deserialize-simple-classes-to-xml-and-back (C#) in Java. If possible, I would like to avoid writing a serialize / deserialize methods for each ...

14. Deserialize a transient member of an object to a non-null default in Java

public class MyObj implements Serializable {
  private transient Map<String, Object> myHash = new HashMap<String, Object>();
Is there any way to ensure that when an object of the above class ...

15. xstream errors for serializing & deserializing

I am using xStream in Java to serialize a java object from a java library and deserializing it at the customer's side. I have several problems: If I do it like this:

XStream xstream ...

16. deserializing objects by passing a reference vs returning a reference

I just tried to read back an object I wrote to a file. I have two functions for it.

public static Serializable_test deSerialize_object(String filename)


    File a = new File(filename);

17. how to deserialize object?

I have a class called Flight The Flight class when instantiated, instantiates another class called SeatingChart, and SeatingChart also instantiates ...

18. Code snippet(Will deserializing ,call non serializable superclass Constructors?)

import*; class Player { Player() { System.out.print("p"); } } class CardPlayer extends Player implements Serializable { CardPlayer() { System.out.print("c"); } public static void main(String[] args) { CardPlayer c1 = new CardPlayer(); try { FileOutputStream fos = new FileOutputStream("play.txt"); ObjectOutputStream os = new ObjectOutputStream(fos); os.writeObject(c1); os.close(); FileInputStream fis = new FileInputStream("play.txt"); ObjectInputStream is = new ObjectInputStream(fis); CardPlayer c2 = (CardPlayer) is.readObject(); ...

19. Serialize and deserialize an object

21. Serialization of Interface Reference for an Implementation Class fails at De-serialization

so it seems. but any suggestions as to how can one deal with a scenario where the serialised instances can be of any class adhering to a contract specified by an interface, where the de-serialiser isn't aware of which particular implementation has been used to serialise. And since the de-serialiser relies only on the contract, there's no need for it to ...