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1. Unknown exception while deserializing using simple XML    stackoverflow.com

I am deserializing data using Simple XML in Java, but i get an exception telling me:

This is my serializing code:
public void saveSimulationState(String simulationFile) {

2. If I change the base class that a Java Exception class extends, do I need to update the serialVersionUID value?    stackoverflow.com

Consider the following Java exception classes:

public class BarException extends RuntimeException {
    // [...]

public class FooException extends BarException {
    private static final long serialVersionUID = -5322002268075295537L;


3. XStream, CircularReferenceException    stackoverflow.com

Please consider this code. Is it using Circular Reference? If not why am I getting CircularReferenceException, while enabling NO_REFERENCE mode in XStream. Anyone, please clarify the thing.

public class BalanceEnquiry extends EAIRequest ...

4. $1.class and $2.class not Serializable exception in jgroups    stackoverflow.com

I am creating a demo stock exchange distributed program in Java using jgroups as middleware. My Stock class has a priority queue which has a comparator, and results in Stock$1.class and ...

5. Making an Exception field transient in Java    stackoverflow.com

I have a class that extends Exception, and therefore has to be Serializable. The exception class contains a field that is not Serializable, so I was considering making it Transient. ...

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I wrote 2 objects to a file but when I try to read back the objects written it throws an exception in the desrialize method. It works fine when I write ...

7. Caught Exception while trying to serialize    stackoverflow.com

I've the following error in my logs

[6/6/11 17:16:33:558 CEST] 00000005 WASSession    E MTMBuffWrapper storeObject SESN0200E: Caught Exception while trying to serialize.
[6/6/11 17:16:33:558 CEST] 00000005 WASSession    ...

8. What is serialVersionUID in java, normally in exception class?    stackoverflow.com

Possible Duplicate:
Why should I bother about serialVersionUID?
I am going through some exception handling code and i saw something named as serialVersionUID. What this uid ...

10. Serialization - ClassNotFound Exception    coderanch.com

here guys i have a 3 machines implementing 2 servers and one client they send and receive messages between each others throw an object called MessageX . now in the IDE i use [Eclipse] i have 3 projects with 3 packages in side , each package contain a version of the class with changing only one final attribute from one to ...

11. Why Exception class is serializable?    coderanch.com

I think it's because of RMI. Any arguments must be serializable to send them from the client to the server. Any return value must be serializable to send it back to the client. But if an exception is thrown that too must be sent to the client. Hence it must be serializable.

12. Class cast Exception :: Serialization    forums.oracle.com

I have a data interface and a concrete class and an instance of the class. (Serializable) Interface is shipped for both client and server. Server is sending the class instance to the client. In the client, i am trying to access this class instance through the interface. But before i do that , i get class cast exception. Is there any ...

13. Serializable class throwing class cast exception.    forums.oracle.com

All, I have a serializable class name 'Owner' and while login to the application, i put the object of this class in the session. Later in my application, when i am trying to retrieve this obejct from the session using the following code, throwing class cast exception. Owner owner =(Owner)request.getSession().getAttribute( WebKeys.LOGGEDINOWNER_OWNER_KEY) This piece of code works fine in test enviornment(single server), ...