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1. How can I make a field transient, so Java objects don't get serialized when using marshal?

I have a JRuby class which contains an instance variable that is a Java object. As you may know, JRuby has a lot of trouble serializing Java objects, and therefore ...

2. Marshalling and Serialization

Possible Duplicate:
What is the difference between Serialization and Marshalling?
what is marshalling in java and what is the difference between marshalling and serialization?

3. Trying to serialize an object compactly using Castor

I'm using Castor to write out a map of user ID's to time intervals. I'm using it to save and resume progress in a lengthy task, and I'm trying to make ...

5. Serialization vs marshalling

Serialization is a general technique for converting objects to sequences of bits that can be transported to a different VM. Core Java vol. 1 chapter 12 shows how you can peek into the bit format if you are so inclined. Marshalling means bundling up parameters for a remote method call. Under RMI, marshalling uses serialization. Under SOAP, marshalling uses an entirely ...