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1. How do you convert binary data to Strings and back in Java?

I have binary data in a file that I can read into a byte array and process with no problem. Now I need to send parts of the data over ...

2. Java Serialization with non serializable parts

I have:

class MyClass extends MyClass2 implements Serializable {
In MyClass2 is a property that is not serializable. How can I serialize (and de-serialize) this object? Correction: MyClass2 is, of course, not ...

3. Java: Serializing unknown Arraysize

If I safe an Array and reload it, is there a possibility to get the size if its unknown? Thanks

4. Serializing java.lang.Locale

Got a class that serializes into xml with XMLEncoder nicely with all the variables there. Except for the one that holds java.util.Locale. What could be the trick?

5. Which is the best alternative for Java Serialization?

I'm currently working on a project which needs to persist any kind of objects (of which implementation we don't have any control) so these objects could be recovered afterwards. We can't ...

6. Java Serialization 1.4 vs 1.6

I have one java program that has to be compiled as 1.4, and another program that could be anything (so, 1.4 or 1.6), and the two need to pass serialized objects ...

7. How to ignore a type with XStream?

with XStream, how can I ignore the serialization of a defined Type (for instance, when serializing a GUI, i want to ignore all swing types)? Or if i want to ...

8. What is serialization in Java?

I've made a small RSS Reader app using Swing and Eclipse keeps telling me "The serializable class MochaRSSView does not declare a static final serialVersionUID field of type long" What is serialization ...

9. Locating Serialization Issue in Complex Bean

I have a large bean graph that I'm trying to serialize. Getting serialization exception (a non-specific one). Anyone have a class that will help locate the issue?

10. Java StreamCorruptedException

I have a client and server application that transfer message using serialization over TCP. I got the following error when deserializing an object: Any ideas to the cause or possible next ...

11. In java, how to check if a method m changed the state of its receiver

I am trying to write a method which receives a serializable object (implements Serializable) o and a method m. The method should compare the state of o before invoking m and after ...

12. Who actually implements serializable methods?

I've been learning how to use Serializable. I know if I create a class 'A' with different variables who implements Serializable and I add Serializable to my class, it's also Serializable. But, who ...

13. serialization and externalization in java

Possible Duplicate:
What is the difference between Serializable and Externalizable in Java?
what is the difference between serialization and externalization in java?

14. What needs to be Serializable in this Java situation?

I've got a class Thing:

public abstract class Thing {
    // prevent instantiation outside package.  Indeed, no Things will
    // ever actually have a runtime ...

15. What is the best approach for serializing BigDecimal/BigInteger to ProtocolBuffers

I am starting to migrate a custom serialization mechanism to Protocol Buffers. One data type that will be used particularly regularly is BigDecimal. Does anyone know of a good way of serializing ...

16. Custom java serialization of message

While writing a message on wire, I want to write down the number of bytes in the data followed by the data. Message format:

{num of bytes in data}{data}
I can do this by ...

17. Java Serializable

i have made a serialized class,like this `

class Example implements Serializable
    transient byte i=2;
    transient byte j=3;
    Example(){System.out.println("value of i:"+i+",j:"+j);}
when i am ...

18. .NET to Java serialization/deserialization compatibility

Are there any compatibility issues to take care of when serailizing an object in .NET and then deserializing in Java? I am facing problems in de-serializing an object in java which ...

19. Versioned Serialization in Java

I have a simple Java class that I need to serialize to be stored as a value in an RDBMS or a key-value store. The class is just a collection ...

20. How can produce a DOCTYPE declaration with DOM level 3 serialization API?

I have a DOM Document created from scratch and I need to serialize it to an output stream. I am using DOM level 3 serialization API, like in the following example:

OutputStream ...

21. Java flag to enable extended Serialization debugging info

i am currently struggling with HTTP Session replication on tomcat with complex objects. some objects implement Serializable but hold non-serializable members. unfortunately, the stacktraces do not provide much useful info here by default. there ...

22. Explanation of serialization in Java

Can anyone explain working of serialization in java

23. serialization and versionId

please help clarifying the doubt : While doing serialization, if we have defined the version id as static final long serialVersionUID = 2L;, and since this being static it should not get serialize ...

24. Serialization in java

When i define a java object to implement serializable interface, do the members of the object, also become serializable? Or i have to go as far along the nesting depth, to ...

25. What is the purpose of Serialization in Java?

I have read quite a number of articles on Serialization and how it is so nice and great but none of the arguments were convincing enough. I am wondering if someone ...

26. readResolve() bug?

The Effective Java says that readResolve works only if all fields are transient. Isn't this a bug? Why would the Java creators do a such thing? -- update Sorry, I mean the ...

27. Need of serialization in Java

Can anyone tell me what is the need of Serialization in Java and an example scenario to explain the need . I dont need the definition .

28. How to lock serialization in Java?

I am just starting with Java serialization: I have one exercise to do and I need to lock serialization on any class, it is suppose to throw an exception when I ...

29. Java serialization testing

Does anyone know if there is a library that exists to help test if an object graph is fully serializable? It would probably be as simple as writing it out and ...

30. Best way to send floating point numbers from .NET to Java and back

I'm writing a .NET application that will make an RPC call to a Java application (via a message queue). The data sent in both directions will be large arrays of floating-point ...

31. xerces serialization in Java 6

In Java 6, the entire xerces XML parser/serializer implementation is now in the Java runtime (rt.jar). The packages have been moved under the com.sun.* namespace, which places them off-limits for ...

32. what is serialization and how it works

Possible Duplicate:
Why Java needs Serializable interface?
I know the serialization process but have't implemented it. In my application i have seen there are various classes that ...

33. How to ensure consistency of enums in Java serialization?

When I serialize an object, I can use the serialVersionUID mechanism at the class level to ensure the compatibility of the two types. However, what happens when I serialize fields of ...

34. What are some good binary data compression Java libraries?

I'm looking into compressing binary data, more specifically serialized Java objects. I think I need an implementation of one of the algorithms that are listed on this Wikipedia page. ...

35. have java beans to be serializable?

is it necessary that a java bean implements the serializable interface? thanks for answers...

36. Why can't we serialize the methods in Java?

Serialization is a mechanism of storing the state of an object. Based on this definition we can say that the instance variables in an object can be serialized. Methods are behaviors ...

37. Help with first Serialization program

Here's the code I'm using:

public class Ser implements Serializable {
int x,y;
String name;
public Ser(int a, int b, String c) {
    name ...

38. What does Serializable mean?

What exactly does it mean for a class to be Serializable in Java? Or in general, for that matter...

39. java serialization

I am trying to write message to a file using serialization.Message consists of two fields- date and TibrvMsg(TibrvMsg is a propriotory message by Tibco and this class is not serializable as per ...

40. library to serialize numbers across programing language and machine

I have a program in Java that needs to write a file with integers of 8, 16, 32 and 64 bits and floating point numbers of 16, 32 and 64 bits. This ...

41. What is Serializable? What does this mean?

Possible Duplicates:
Do Hibernate table classes need to be Serializable?
What does Serializable mean?
public class ExampleEntity implements Serializable

42. Serializable in java

What is the difference between Serializable and Externalizable interface?

43. how to specify an alias when serializing an enum using Xstream

I am serializing a class that contains an enum as a field, let say :

private class DayOfWeekSet {
  private final EnumSet<DayOfWeek> days;

public enum DayOfWeek implements Serializable {

44. Protocol Buffer better than serialization?

I have a large data-structure which i'm serializing.At certain times i need to edit the values in the data-structure.But just for changing a small value i'll have to re-serialize it again ...

45. What is wrong with my serialization mechanism?

This is the code which works fine on Mac OS (JDK 1.6):

String s1 = "test";
ByteArrayInputStream in = new ByteArrayInputStream(s.getBytes());
String s2 = (String)(new ObjectInputStream(in).readObject());
On linux CentOS 5.4 Java says: invalid stream header: ...

46. Java Serialization Issue

When I serialize the abstract class does the inheriting subclasses will also be serialize? Does this include the members of abstract class and its subclasses?

public abstract class RootClass implements Serializable{
 Object data;

public ...

47. Java Serialization with Protocol Buffer

I want to use protobuff in a Java application to facilitate serialization and I have a question about this quote from the Google web site

Protocol Buffers and O-O Design ...

48. What is fastest serializer in java?

I need onftenly to serialize big objects to bytes. So it is necessary to have fast serializer for it. Is there is any variants which perform better than java default one? ...

49. When should I change a SerialUID?

I have a bunch of serialized classes. Normally I have generated serial UIDs for all of them as the Java rules are rather restrictive and recreate Serial Numbers with basically ...

50. Java Serialization

I posting a doubt that I came across reading Effective Java. I apologize if its a real simple and straight forward doubt. So in Item 74 - Implement Serializable judiciously, He ...

51. How to handle

I have created a java program which works with java I/O. I have implemented Serializable interface, but it still cause on the following part of my code while I am ...

52. Serializing java.util.Date

Does anyone know how a java.util.Date gets serialized? I mean explain to me exactly what each byte is? I tried writing out a long then a date and I ...

53. Find serialization usage

I'm mantaining some application and I have a class marked as Serializable but I suspect that is not being serialized anywhere so the Serializable mark is not needed. What is the ...

54. Are there any serialization frameworks for java

I know there is simple, which seems to be a decent enough XML serializer and i know there is Jaxb which seems to do the job as well. However im after something ...

55. Java: Serialization doesn't work for the second time

I have a server on which I keep track of some data. When I connect to the server with the administrator application to check out the current state of the data. ...

56. XMLEncoder in java for serialization

Im just wondering how i use XMLEncoder to serialize ArrayList<foo> where foo is my own made class. Do i have to do anything in particular, ie define my own ...

57. ClassNotFoundException: 'me.prettyprint.hector.api.Serializer'

Possible Duplicate:
problem in loading class from 'me.prettyprint.hector.api.Serializer'
I have got executable jar,but getting some problem with class not found exception When I type command, java -jar JarFileName.jar ...

58. how does serializable work in java?

If I have an instance of a class that I store in a session I need to make it serializable. This class has a static variable, will this be serialized in ...

59. Serialization , compilation and byte code generation

I have the following class hierarchy




60. @SuppressWarnings("serial")

I have a question because I'm getting a little confused (or maybe I'm not noticing something obvious). Let's say that I've got some source code that contains a lot of classes ...

61. ECPublicKey Serializability

I am working on a project in which I need to pass generated public key (ECPublicKeyParameter) over the network between two parties. But I am having problems serializing it. ...

62. Why is java.lang.Void not Serializable?

It is possible to serialize the primitive 'void' per default, why does not the object 'Void' extend Serializable? Added example: The RootImplementation will have a compilation error saying "Void is not within its ...

63. Sourceforge SimpleXML Enum serialization

SimpleXML can serialize a Java Enum fine but when it comes to de-serialization, it returns null instead of creating Enum from the generated XML. Is it something I am ...

64. how to prevent serialization

Possible Duplicate:
How to lock serialization in Java?
I want to prevent my class from getting serialized , that's no one should be able to serialize ...

65. Automatic parallelization friendly programming practices

From this paper: Avoid unnecessarily serializing algorithms: Algorithms such as random number generators that must pass a seed to the next generator call serialize the algorithm unnecessarily if the number of ...

66. what is Serializable in Java

Possible Duplicate:
What does Serializable mean?
I have
class Person implements Serializable {
what is the use of that and what will happen if I simply use
class ...

67. only first contact gets deleted

this is my code snippet. data is a 2D array of type Object.I have previously saved data in JTable.Now i have written code to delete entry.But if go by this code only first ...

68. Java: Restriction on serializability

I have a class A which implements the interface serializible. There are two sub classes B and C which extends A. I want class B not be serializible? How can I ...

69. Serialization vs String format

Can any one suggest which way is better? Storing the object in serialized form or read the filecontent as String and construct the object. Simply,
1.I have a string (str,str1,str2,str3,....) like this in my ...

70. What am I doing wrong in this Serializable attempt

I'm trying to store some objects for future processing in event of network failure. I have an array of NameValuePairs in a Serializeable class... I've eliminated everything else, and still I'm getting ...

71. Serialization using xml-rpc format using only the parser/writer in Java

I am looking for a xml-rpc library for Java that allows me to marshal and unmarshal a java.util.Map or an Obect[] containing java.util.Map along with the method name to and from ...

72. Different behaviour in serialization

I have the following code:

ObjectOutputStream oo = new ObjectOutputStream(new FileOutputStream("test.dat"));
ArrayList<String> list = null;
for(int i = 0; i < 10; i++)
    list = new ArrayList<String>();
    list.add("Object" ...

73. serialize an non-serializable in java

How can I serialize an object that does not implement Serializable? I cannot mark it Serializable because the class is from a 3rd party library.

74. Boost serialization text archive are Cross-language?

Hy...I try to explain better my question... Im using boost serialization text archive before sending data over TCP connection... Now I need to pass the received data to a Java I would ...

75. Serialize Boolean to "1" and "0" instead of "true" and "false"

I can't find any method on the Boolean class to serialize a Boolean to "1" and "0" instead of "true" and "false". Is there any native function to do that ? If ...

76. Simple data serialization in C

I am currently re-designing an application and stumbled upon a problem serializing some data. Say I have an array of size mxn double **data; that I want to serialize into a char *dataSerialized using simple delimiters ...

77. Serializing enums

I have a serialized object which I added an enum to. This makes it no longer compatible with older versions of the software. I believe this is because the older version ...

78. Can anything be serialized as long as it implements Serializable?

I've already seen this: How to test in java that a class implements serializable correctly I just have a more general question. If you create an object (say a circle) like ...

79. How is Memento pattern?

As we know the memento pattern is without violating encapsulation, capturing and externalize a object's internal state and can be reclaimed later without knowledge of the orginal state. My question comes here ...

80. How to Serialize primitive types

So is there a way to achieve serializing the primitive data? EDIT Any Specific Example will be great.

81. GSON - Custom serializer in specific case

I have this schema :

public class Student {
       public String name;
       public School school;

public class School {

82. What is the use of serialization?

Possible Duplicate:
What is object serialization?
I know the details of how the JVM does the serialization of object graphs. What I am more interested in ...

83. Concept of "Serialization"

What are methods to convert data (ints, strings) to bytes in Java? I am looking for methods other than using the Serializable class. I researched and found things like ByteOutputStream. Can ...

84. Java Custom Serialization

I have an object that contains a few unserializable fields that I want to serialize. They are from a separate API that I cannot change, so making them Serializable is not ...

85. Customized serialization in Java

I have the following class

class UserAccount implements Serializable
    public String username;
    public String password;

    public UserAccount()

86. When to use flush() in java?

import * ;
public class Ser {

    public static void main(String args[]) {

        try {

87. Java: When to add readObjectNoData() during serialization?

I am reading the serialization chapter in "Effective Java". I am trying to understand the below paragraph in the book.

If you implement a class with instance fields that is ...

88. I'm not sure if I understand how serializable in java works

I understand that it just saves the state of an object, but in what classes should I implement this interface? For example, suppose that you have 4 classes A, B, C, D:

abstract ...

89. flexjson change prop name

I use FlexJson for serialization, The only problem is that it generates the field names lower case while I need them to start with upper case:

class Person

90. Are Interned Strings preserved when serializing?

If I have large object graph that contains many duplicate strings, is there a benefit to intern()ing the strings before serializing them? Will this reduce the amount of data transferred? Will ...

91. Anonymous initialization - strange serialization warning

I was wondering why when I use an anonymous instanciation along with an instance initializer block, I get a "serializable class does not declare a static final serialVersionUID field of type ...

92. Race condition while Serailization

My application has a master and many slaves which respond to the master's call-over sockets and send the statistics over in an object. Right now, I'm testing the code with one ...

93. What is the use readObjectNoData in Serialization in java? Please explain with an example?

What is the use readObjectNoData in Serialization in java? Please explain with an example? The java docs are not clear.

94. Serialization

95. Java Serializable

Hi All, Can anybody give me a useful suggestion as to how i could use serializable in a simple, non GUI, netbeans driven book lending system? this would consist of only ...

96. serialization

98. Method serialization

Hi: How can I send a serialized method invoction via socket. I don't want to execute it remotly on the server, but just need to inform a server of the methods a client invoked. But that isn't all: The server, when getting the information of an invoation, needs to distribute and execute it on other clients (via socket). In other words, ...

99. What is the serialization content

100. How deep does Serialization go?

public static void printCommand (Command cmd) { // A Command has an array of StatementUnit StatementUnit[] stmts = cmd.getDealChunk(); table: for (int i = 0; i < stmts.length; i++) { // Each StatementUnit has a tableName System.out.println ("For table '" + stmts[i].getTableName() + "' Here is the Data"); // And the Actual data String[][] data = stmts[i].getDataTable(); if ( data == ...