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1. How to convert .txt to .mht?

How to convert a flat .txt file to .mht? What APIs are available to help with the conversion?

5. Converting data file to text file

Hi, I am trying to take data from the serial port and put it into a text file. I found something similar online that puts it into a data file but I need the text file. I heard that I have to use a lookup table but I am not sure how to go about doing this, does anyone know anything ...

8. read content of text file then convert to decimal number

Your code for reading a file looks a bit complicated. You just want to read a text file which contains a number (or several) in binary representation, right? If there's nothing else in a line, you can do that similar like this: public class ReadBin { public static void main(String[] args) { try { BufferedReader input = new BufferedReader(new FileReader("myfile.txt")); String ...

9. How to convert BGL (babylon) to txt file

Hello, everyone! I'm stuck with a problem trying to convert BGL (babylon's dictionary format) to TXT. In general, there is utility that complets this job, but it's written on Cpp. I would like to rewrite it using Java. Brute force (reading binary) approach doesn't get the fruites. Any suggestion(s) would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks, Oleg.

10. Convert html file to normal text

I need to convert a String which has a HTML file but i need to convert that into normal text by removing all html related tags. Detail: I got a html file and from one of my java class is reading that entire HTML page and converting it to a single string and now i want all that HTML tags to ...

11. Taking a text file and converting it into something usable

I was thinking I'd use a buffered reader and write it into an array. With the buffered reader, I'd think I'd have to use the ReadLine command. However, that returns a would I make this string into an array I could work with? Is that even feasible, or can I work with a String? In the end, I have to ...

12. Opening a text file, converting the content to string

Hi. I need to open a text file that have some information, and make a process in a program. What I need is to convert the information that is in the text file to some kind of data that Java understands, like a String. Somebody knows how to do that? Kind regards

13. Converting .txt file into a string?

14. My code is converting SOME of my text into 'NUL's in my *.DAT file?

By the way: I'm sorry that my code looks so messed up but the Sun forums 'code' tags ALWAYS fucks up my code!? I don't know why, but the format and everything is just getting screwed when I put something in 'code' tags on here - plus it puts in some math operators some places in my code too..? Anyway just ...

15. How to convert Raw text form of html file into hashcode form of html file

So you have html source and the characters inside shows in a very strange manner as I can see. and from the URL address I see it is from india I guess you have problem with you character encoding/decoding; Can you explain the following: 1- What is your locale? or default character set? 2- What is the editor you are trying ...