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1. How to display data from txt file in specific format

I have a text file input which contains data as below. How can I display data from the text file into specific format?

20 minutes
20 minutes
40 minutes
12 minutes
10 minutes
20 minutes
10 minutes
30 minutes
I ...

2. Storing data in txt file in specific format

my question is related to my previous question (How to display data from txt file in specific format). I was wondering if it is possible at the first place, to store ...

3. Format fixed-format text file lines

there's a text file

first second third
1 2 3
yes no ok
hmmmmmmm yep_a_long_word_it_is ahahahahahahha
what java functions /libs to use to align words so that they are looked like this (fixed width based on ...

4. Parsing a text file with a fixed format in Java

Suppose I know a text file format, say, each line contains 4 fields like this:

firstword secondword thirdword fourthword
firstword2 secondword2 thirdword2 fourthword2
and I need to read it fully into memory I can use this ...

5. What file format can I use to output a formatted text file straight from a program without having the markup be too complicated?

Premise: I am parsing a file that is quite nearly XML, but not quite. From this file I would like to extract data and output in a file that a user ...

6. Java: how to write formatted output to plain text file

I am developing a small java application. At some point i am writing some data in a plain text file. Using the following code:

Writer Candidateoutput = null;
File Candidatefile = new File("Candidates.txt"),
Candidateoutput ...

7. File Writing in .txt format?

This was observation that was made:: The program writes about 500 values column wise and 1000 values row wise in form of table. When this value was written in the ".txt" format, ...

9. Content format in a text file

Do you know how to read lines of a file? Do you know how to write lines to a file? The basic algorithm is this: 1) read ==== 2) if there are no more lines available abort 3) read 4 lines 4) combine those 4 lines into one line 5) write that line 6) go to step 1 If you use ...

10. Single Java program process multiple text file format for same business logic

Dears I don't know this is the right forum to raise this query Kindly give some idea how to design this solution: How do a single Java program will process data different text file format for same business function. Client will send thier own text file with data in the format they wish, we can not dictate about single uniform text ...

11. how to format a normal text file by java program

Dear All, I have a requirement in which i have to generate report in a normal text file. My requirement is the content that i am writing in text file is to be formatted. i.e. i have to color the Header, Design the header information etc.. all these should happen in text file. Is there any api for that in java ...

12. How can i browse 3 files (same file format, exp: .txt) and process it ?

Christophe Verr wrote:No matter how the algorithm looks like, if you can read one file, you can read three ! Show us the code you have so far. ok, the fileread.txt is calculate the average , the filechoose.txt is UI to open file.... package contour; import*; import java.awt.*; import java.awt.event.*; import javax.swing.*; import javax.swing.filechooser.*; import contour.FileOutputDemo; /* * ...

14. How to write a POS slip format text file

I think it would be easier not to format the text in java, but to have a text template that is already formatted with some markings for the content and just replace the markings with whatever suits you. If you have a list of items or similar, you could consider a template within template (which could reinvent the wheel) or try ...

15. How to read a formatted text file into objects

Hello, I have a text file that has a formatted structure containing 0-n lines, each line having the same length, containing properties, who each claim their own position in the line. For example, position 1 through 10 contains property A, position 11-16 contains property B, etc. What would be an effective way to 'unmarshall' each line to an instance of a ...

16. Trying to get correct text format in .txt file

I am having a problem with getting text to appear in the format I want. I have it formatted the way I want it to look inJTextArea but when I click button to send to a .txt file it is not the same as JtextArea. All the text is printing on the same line and some of the spaces are off ...

17. Help with method format in a txt file

So what the heck is File#format(...)? This is what the error is complaining about. Do you know for a fact the File objects can call this method? Have you searched the API for the File class? I strongly suggest you do that as you can't make up methods for objects if they don't exist. The API will tell you The Truth ...

18. problem with Text files format

19. Writing back to textfile(Formatting)

I am creating a program that can read from textfile then modify it and write it back. I almost completed the program but I am stucked here... All the modification of the text file is done and store in an array(Can't change it to other type too much work) for example my array contains : abc[0] = "Mary has a" abc[1] ...

20. I/O How TO Format Text in a text file

Notice how your text doesn't have any line breaks inside the Strings and that the little squares happen at every place where you use "\n" in your code? That should give you a hint. Next hint: On Windows a [newline|] is CR+LF (that is the character for Carriage Return + the character for Line Feed). "\n" represents only LF. Last hint: ...

21. java program to read ,format and write a text file

The Ubiquitous Newbie Tips * DON'T SHOUT!!! * Homework dumps will be flamed mercilessly. * Have a quick scan through the [Forum FAQ's|]. Ask a good question * Don't forget to actually ask a question. No, The subject line doesn't count. * Ask once - Don't [Crosspost|]! - Two people answering one question ...

22. losing formatting of newline/return characters when saving to txt file

cut the sarcasm, it's unnecessary and not helping anyone. I simply asked why readLine() would continually work for text written directly in the file and not for text saved to file by the app (even though it is the same text, at least visually). Something happens to the text that isn't visible, yet makes the loadTasks() method fail. Edited by: infinite_loop ...

23. Is there any way to format a text file while writing it in java ?

Heyya Fellas, I am working on a project and at the end of the process, the project should generate a report file in .txt format in the location prescribed by user. I am able to generate it and do all the processing but can i the report in a more presentable way. Like is there any method in java code so ...

24. How to format text in external file?