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1. How to add a string to end of a .txt file?

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How to append text to an existing file in Java
How can I add a string to the end of a .txt file?

2. how to add two words from text file using java program

I am new to java. I think this is the simplest problem but even i dont know how to solve this problem. I have one text file. In that file i ...

3. How to add a new line of text to an existing file in Java?

Please I would like to append a new line to an existing file without erasing the current information of that file. In short, here is the methodology that I am using ...

4. add timestamp with .txt file & write some information to the .txt file

If you are making a new file and nameing it, try this: // Java classes - IO import; // Java classes - utility import java.util.Date; import java.text.SimpleDateFormat; // Format date to append to new file name SimpleDateFormat sdf = new SimpleDateFormat("ddMMyyyy_hhmmss"); Date curDate = new Date(); String strDate = sdf.format(curDate); String fileName = "logFile" + strDate; File newFile = new ...

5. add text to a .txt file

I am just starting out java, mainly programme mainframe(procedural) but trying hard, I have large sql queries for payments done in query analyser but want a program to append the text 'query.append("' at the beginning of a line and of course ' ");' to the end of a line. import*; public class ChangeSql { public static void main(String[] args) throws ...

6. add text to file

8. Reading the first word of each line from a text file and then adding them to a Combo box

I am crazy new too but here is a basic framework for reading a file: import*; class readfile { public static void main (String [ ] args) throws IOException{ try { BufferedReader inFile = new BufferedReader(new FileReader("readthisfile.txt")); BufferedWriter outFile = new BufferedWriter(new FileWriter("outputtothisfile.txt")); String str; while ((str = inFile.readLine()) != null){ //your code here } inFile.close(); outFile.close(); } catch (IOException ...

9. How to add a line break in a text file?

Hi all, I am trying to write data into a text file using java. I have created a form and it should write the details entered by a SINGLE user in a single line(for an example, all the data entered by user1 should save in line number one and all the details entered by user2 should save in line number two). ...

10. How to add newline in a textfile using dataouputstream in java

Hi Any one can solve my problem I want to add a new line in my textfile using dataoutputstream. It is possible ? public class dataIO { public static void main(String[] args) { int cityIdA = 1; String cityNameA = "Green Lake City"; int cityPopulationA = 500000; float cityTempA = 15.50f; int cityIdB = 2; String cityNameB = "Salt Lake City"; ...

11. Adding to .txt file

As Java programs go this is not very good. You should have only one static method in your entire program. At any rate if you consult the API Javadocs for FileWriter you will find there are several constructors. Two of which have boolean parameters which indicate if the file is to be over-written or appended (write to end) to.

12. Adding text to a file (not overwriting it)

13. add text to text file

15. How to add to an an already existing textfile

I'm using PrintWriter with BufferedWriter to write to a file. But each time the I write to a file and close it, it deletes everything that was already in there and adds the new text i just had written. Is there a way not to delete the already existing text and just start adding text to the next line?

16. Add text in beginning of the file

17. adding new line to the text file

19. Adding lines both at start and end to a text file

Hi I need to add a few lines to existing text file how could i do it.. Example if a.txt contains SELECT VERSION FROM PSVERSION WHERE OBJECTTYPENAME = 'SYS' ; SELECT STYLESHEETNAME FROM PSOPTIONS; SELECT VERSION FROM PSVERSION WHERE OBJECTTYPENAME = 'SYS' ; SELECT STYLESHEETNAME FROM PSOPTIONS; I need to add create procedure in the first line and end procedure in ...

20. Adding text to a file

This isn't really a java question as the anwer would be the same for other languages. In general, you can't modify a file that way if it involves adding more data (or removing data) in the middle of the file. You need to read all or part of the original file into memory, modify it and write it back out. At ...

21. adding line to txt file and then rename

22. Add a line break to text file

24. Why is Java?adding /t to txt file

I am working in simple java game. Its getting map from txt file by buffered reader.....for example: WWWWWWWW W - wall W W H - hero W H EW E - enemy WWWWWWWW My problem is that when i started the game some piecies of wall was not at right place. So I debugged it and I find out that in ...

25. how to add header and fooder in text file

Hi, i have created simple application for generate report from database into text file. But i need to add header and fooder in text file. I dont know is there any API for adding these. Can anyone help me to create header and fooder in text file. the below text are needs to be print in the header name of the ...