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1. How to make a text file have more than one encoding?

I have a file which is ANSI encoded. However it shows Arabic letters inside it. this text file was generated by some program (I have no info on) but it seems ...

2. Write arabic text from textbox to file in java

I have a program that users can input arabic text on text area. arabic text direction is right to left, and when i write the text to the file, Text's direction ...

3. Reading Arabic Text Files in Java

There are several parts to this: How do you read from an Arabic text file? How do you split the file into separate records? (Optional) How do you insert a record into a database? Since you're posting in the I/O forum, I'm guessing you're working on the first one. I think the first thing you need to find out is, what ...

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6. read arabic text file in java class

7. Read Arabic words from textFile

Hi MR. Sabree, Thanks for your help bro, I explained in my question what is the problem, and what is the result. So, no need to post sooo many posts just to explain that you can't answer my question, I got it the first time u post ur reply, Anyway, Thanks to all who helped

8. Help - Reading Arabic text from a file?

Thanks. I ended up figuring out a slightly different way by using a InputStreamReader and specifying UTF-8 because I might have to do a different type in the future. Now I want to print the text to the screen (System.out) - is that possible? I just get ???? instead of the actual text. Thanks.