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1. Comparing text files w/ Junit

I am comparing text files in junit using:

  public static void assertReaders(BufferedReader expected,
          BufferedReader actual) throws IOException {

2. Compare the content of 2 text files in java language

please help me to make the code

package utils;
import*; class compare { public static void main(String args[]) throws IOException {
 FileInputStream file1 = new InputStream(args[0]);
 FileInputStream file2 = new InputStream(args[1]);

 try {

3. comparing 2 files using java

i have 2 text files, file_1: and the other file2


tango 12
beta 256
alpha 1700
tango 1200


tango 12
tango 125 hello world
beta 256
alpha 1700
i need to remove lines in file_2 which contains file_1 entries. ie. read ...

4. Reading in a text file and comparing text - Java

In my program I am reading in and parsing a file for resources. I extract a string which represents the resource type, do a simple if then else statement to check if ...

5. compare two text files

i am comparing two text file by checking occurance of a line in file 1 by comparing it with each line in file 2(not line by line) i have to print in 3rd text file as difference please see my progrm and tell me modification required package comp.vnet.comparator; import*; import comp.vnet.comparator.NewFile; class FileComparator { public static void main(String[] args) throws ...

6. Java APIs for Text file comparison

Is there any java API available for comparint two text files? What I want to do is to implement the compare functionality (as in TextPad) in Java Swing. Compare, and display the changes with a different color or highlight. Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated. If APIs are not available please advice me how to do this. Thanks, Nisha

7. Comparing lines in a text file.

Hi, i am learning Java and i need to make a little program that gets a text file and search for duplicate lines in it. The lines in the text file look like this : 2004-12-19 00:00:00.000,105,19:57:26,INI,DISCANDO INTRANET 2004-12-19 00:00:00.000,105,19:57:26,INI,DISCANDO INTRANET Maybe there is a method to make this work. thanks in advance.

8. Advice on comparing two text files

I have two csv text files, one with about 17,000 rows and the other with about 3,000,000 rows. The file with 3,000,000 has a field that I need to attach to each of the 17,000 rows if they match on three values. My current setup is: Read the 17,000 rows into an ArrayList using the Ostermiller CSVParser. Read the 3,000,000 rows ...

9. compare value from *.txt file

Hi Steve When you say 'compare', what exactly do you mean? Do you just want to check whether or not the values are the same, or are you interested in determining by how much they differ if they are not the same? Do you need to do any time arithmetic? (I am assuming these values represent times). Firstly, you need to ...

10. Comparing lines in a text file.

Hi, i am learning Java and i need to make a little program that gets a text file and search for duplicate lines in it. The lines in the text file look like this : 2004-12-19 00:00:00.000,105,19:57:26,INI,DISCANDO INTRANET 2004-12-19 00:00:00.000,105,19:57:26,INI,DISCANDO INTRANET Maybe there is a method to make this work. thanks in advance.

11. Compare Two Text Files

Hello Friends, In the earlier posting i got help as to how to process a logic and write output to text files, Thanks a lot the help. Question i have in mind is i need to now iterate through these two text files and get what common in both these files. Is there an API i can use? or do you ...

12. Reading data from text file and comparing it with a string

Hi all, I am in process of creating a simple polling system. I am using text files to store data. My question at this point is that I will be having a id number in a given .txt file. I want to compare this number with what user input at the time of loggin in. I can read the data from ...

13. Read text file and compare strings

I have a text file which has a link on every line. I want to write a method that will take a string and compare it to all the links in the text file to see if an identical link exists in the text file. If i can accomplish this I will be one very happy bunny. Can someone please help ...

14. Need help completing a program to compare two text files!

I have to make a program that compares two given text files and then tells the user if there is or isn't any differences. Then if there is, print the line number and the two lines. I got most of it but I couldn't complete the readFrom method and I wasn't sure what I was doing wrong. My teacher gave me ...

15. compare two text file

17. Compare 2 text files

18. class comparing two text files

Even that can be fairly complex thing to do so try that first. You can read each pair of line and use equals() to compare them. This will work fine for simple cases so to improve it you can. - check that one file is longer than the other. - check that a line was added or removed. (If you don't ...

19. Comparing char in a string to strings in a txt file

I developed your exact solution when I was playing on-line word jumble games (many years ago and it is long since gone or I'd post it for you): you have to make every random combination of characters that are possible, then look them up in the dictionary for valid words. It's as simple and difficult as that.

20. Compare a list of scrambled words to a text file of unscrambled words.

I am brand new to Java. I have some very basic knowledge. I want a program that will take a list of input words that are scrambled and compare those to a list of known words in a .txt file. I have done some reading and people are using the class StringTokenizer to break the scrambled list into single lines, but ...

21. How to compare two files in Java & uncommon text should print in Diff text

import; import; public class textmatch{ public static void main(String[] argv) throws Exception{ BufferedReader fh =new BufferedReader(new FileReader("internal.html"),1024); BufferedReader sh = new BufferedReader(new FileReader("external.html"),1024); String s; String y; while ((s=fh.readLine())!=null) if ( s.equals(y=sh.readLine()) ){ System.out.println(s + " " + y); //REMOVE THIS PRINTLN STATEMENT IF YOU JUST WANT TO SHOW THE SIMILARITIES } sh.close(); fh.close(); } } thanks Sam

22. Compare string in different line in text file

23. Comparing 2 big text files

Well it's going to take "some" time I'm afraid. What have you got so far? The only two things really in your control is (a) don't be doing anything really dumb in your code aka make sure you are using good sized buffers etx and (b) a good idea of what "different" means and figure out ways to short-circuit if neccessary. ...

24. How to compare two text file

Do you have delimiters in ur file when u say columns and rows . No tool will know of a column or a row diffrence without a delimiteer. If you have delimeter , you can read the complete file into a String buffer and can compare . What exactly fo you want to compare ?

25. Please tell me how to compare 2 text files

Please provide me the code how to compare two file . Suppose there are 3 file.We compare file1 with file2 line by line(Row wise). Suppose i compare logonid(unique) of file1 with file2. If logonid is match then copy the entire row to file3. Please tell me the what is the code for it.

27. Compare text files by byte position

Hi All, I am trying to copy data from one .txt file to another text file based on byte position. Simplest way to achieve this is use StringBuffer and Substring, but I am looking for better way. As these files are huge containing lot of records and I have to copy lot of data from one file to another based on ...

28. compare two text file