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1. How to write console output to a txt file

I have tried to write the console output to a txt file using this code suggestion ( however I am not succeed. Whats wrong?

try {

2. Creating a login page in java console application using a txt file

I am creating a java console application and i need to use a notepad (txt) file to store PIN, AccountNo and Balance. When the user enters the PIN (from BufferedReader) it should ...

3. Failing to write german 'umlauts' (äöü) from console to text file with java

currently I'm desperately trying to write german umlauts, read from the console, into a utf8 encoded text file on windows 7. Here is the code to setup the scanner:

Scanner scanner = ...

4. Java: Elegant way to print out text to Console or Text file

i've a Java program that print out some text output. Actually my simple PrintOutput function is something like

System.out.println("some output");
But i would like to declare a variable
printonfile = true
to print my ...

5. put the output in a txt file instead of the console

Hello Guys could you give me a sample program demonstrating for me how to display the out put of a certain file in another file. for example, i made a modification to file. And for example i let it give me the sentences ended with full stops each in a separate line. However, i need to get this out put in ...

6. Help with reading TXT files in console.

7. text file display options in console

8. Saving console input/output to a text file

Hi, I am trying to copy what has been outputted and inputted in the console into a text file. I am using System.out.print(ln) to write to the console and an instance of a Scanner to read from the console. Is it possible to get a string of what is currently written on the console? This needs to be programmed in, not ...