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1. Deleting duplicate lines in a file using Java

As part of a project I'm working on, I'd like to clean up a file I generate of duplicate line entries. These duplicates often won't occur near each other, however. I ...

2. How to delete a string inside a file (.txt) in Java Programming

I would like to delete a string or a line inside a ".txt" file (for example filen.txt). For example, I have these lines in the file:


3. How do I delete rows of a text file?

How can I delete the first two rows of a text file with Java?

4. How to delete a specific string in a text file?

How can I delete a specific string in a text file?

5. delete single line in a text file?

I have created j2me application for read write of text file now at time of reading I read one line and send it to server. after that I want to remove that ...

6. Delete Specific Line From Java Text File?

I want to delete a specific line from a text file. I found that line, but what to do next? Any idea?

7. deleting a line from a text file

Hello everybody, I have an application which takes the SSN of the user you want to delete. It goes through the lines and if it finds the SSN it should not write it to a file. public void deleteEmployee(int SSN)throws IOException { try { FileReader fr = new FileReader("EmpDetails.txt"); //creating a File Reader Object BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(fr); String contents ...

8. how can i compare a username and delete it from a text file

i am trainee in C-DOT NEW DELHI,INDIA i m trying to write a application in java to delete a user from a text file in the following prog i m unable to compare the user entered in the textfield and delete in the deluser(); function here's the code plz reply thanks import javax.swing.*; import java.awt.*; import java.awt.event.*; import java .applet.*; import ...

9. Delete a line in text file

Hi all I want to delete some line in the middle of a text file. Except writing it to a temporary file I dint get any efficient way. Got some workarounds but performance is the issue here What if I have million lines,I cant move everything.(inefficient) I have a solution but at some design cost. Any way for this? Thanks Praveen ...

10. Delete line from a text file

Hello friends, I have a problem in deleting a particular line from a text file. Say, this is my text file, java is good java is superb java is fantastic My question is how to delete the second line from the file? I am using BufferedReader,BufferedWriter, file reader, filewriter for file operations. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

11. deleting text from a file

12. Deleting multiple lines of text from a file

I have a huge load of text files from which I need to strip out text. I have good "rules" for the program to follow, but I don't know how to execute them. For example: Everything between "***TempStart" and "TempEnd***" should be deleted. And, everything after "***EndingStart" (right up until the end of the file) should be deleted also. How do ...

13. How to delete a .txt file if the contents is empty

Rule number 1: never ignore exceptions (except in very extra-ordinary circumstances). Your catch block is empty, and so the first thing you should do is fill it with at least a print stack trace statement. Next, it appears as if you're trying to delete a file while you still have it open, is that true, or am I reading the code ...

14. Method that reads text files and deletes a specific string?

public void replace(String searchitemstring, String newstring, BufferedReader in, BufferedWriter out) throws IOException { newstring = ""; searchitemstring = (searchitemtextfield.getText()); BufferedReader reader = new BufferedReader(new FileReader("Amulets.txt")); PrintWriter writer = new PrintWriter(new FileWriter("Amulets.txt")); String line = null; while ((line = reader.readLine()) != null) if (reader.equals(searchitemstring)) { writer.println(line.replace(searchitemstring,newstring)); break; } reader.close(); writer.close(); searchitemtextfield.setText(""); return; }

15. Java deleting lines from text file

Hi, I am working on a school project and I am fairly new to java. What I need to figure out is how to add and delete from the text file. I have figured out the adding part however I need to figure out how to delete from a while. I have heard you can just replace the text with spaces ...

16. Delete specific lines from a text file and create new output files

Hello guys, I need to split/parse a text file after the method I will present it below, and I have no ideea how to do this. This is the text file.txt: Values 1 2 3 4 Variables v x y z w Rules alfa -> gt; beta a(x) -> gt; b(y) xyz -> gt; w St a1 a2 a3 ... Trans ...

17. delete specified line in a text file

18. Delete line of text in text file

Well let's suppose you read in all the data from your file, and then you proceed to write it back to the same file. When you write your first line to the file, it will erase everything that was previously in the file--but you don't care because you have all the data safely stored in an array. But, then your program ...

19. Attempting to delete a .txt file with mixed results

I?d be interested to know what the System.out.println gives you although I have an idea. The reality is that the File.delete function is at the mercy of the system and if the system thinks the file is in use it won?t delete it. It?s a shame that you delete the file with all the important data and then rename a file ...

20. Delete multiple rows from text file

1. Read the file into memory, remove the lines you don't want to and write the lines back to file. or 2. Read the file line by line and write the lines to another file (unless the line is one you want to remove). Then delete the original file and rename the modified to the original.

21. Deleting row from txt file

22. [QUESTION] Deleting a line from a text file selected by the user?

i need to delete a line from a text file selected by the user. i have no code for this bit. i can tell you that it is part of a bigger program... does anybody know how to, and does anybody have code for it.. Edited by: Atomika3000 on Apr 22, 2009 6:43 AM

24. delete ron in text file

25. Delete last line of a textfile without putting the whole file in memory

If you can't use XML to solve the problem, then you can scan backwards in the file (using random access file or file buffer) until you find a '<'/' character. You can't have CDATA after the closing tag of the document element, and comments and processing instructions have different characters following the '<'.

26. Delete From .txt file

27. how to delete a line from a text file??

while ((strLine = br1.readLine()) != EOF) { } here m passing n and num. the data which is in the file will be like aaa n num sss. so i have to check if the passed values are equal to the second nd third values in the data. nd then i have to remove that line .pls help....

28. deleting some in a text file

29. Is it possible to read/write to text file without deleting it?

I know how to read from a text file and how to write to a text file. The problem that i have is i need to use a text file to store data for my application to read and also for my application to write. I would like it if i could write two programs really, one reads, the other is ...

30. Delete a line in the middle of a text file

31. Deleting a .txt file

32. delete a line in textfile?

33. Deleting lines from a text file

34. Delete lines from a text file

Thanks for your reply, i can use replace, but how do i write the replaced string back to the file while i'm reading it? i can't use a temporary file to write the necessary lines to it, as the file is very huge. i want to replace/delete the lines as i'm reading the file. Please help