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I'm trying to read UTF-8 from a text file and do some tokenization, but I'm having issues with the encoding:

try {
    fis = new FileInputStream(fName);
} catch (FileNotFoundException ex) ...

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I have a text file and it can be ANSI (with ISO-8859-2 charset), UTF-8, UCS-2 Big or Little Endian. Is there any way to detect the encoding of the file to read ...

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Hey Everyone , I need your help here please. I'm working on a java application that convert data from a txt file into the database , The problem is that the file ...

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I have a UTF-8 text file "example.txt" that contains: c:/temp/file.txt I read the file content using this method:

public static String fileToString(final File file, final String charset) throws AppServerException

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Someone suggested a HEX editor which I downloaded and ran. However looking at these lovely groups of numbers and letters I still don't know what encoding it is in. The guy who ...

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I am studying on a project about blogs classification in turkish. I have managed to parse HTML and get the content of blog. But i need some help besacuse When i write the content of blog to screen or file, i see some chacters( Turkish caracters ) is corrupted. I think it is caused by encoding system. But i dont know ...

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Hi All, My file eg. test.txt is saved on my desktop with the encoding 'ANSI'. Now if I want to upload the same file through a jsp, Can I know the Encoding Type of incoming text file through Java Code? We are using struts technology. Any help would be highly appreciated. Thx.

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I have looked everywhere for a solution, but I can't find one. The problem is that I'm using codes that everybody is using, but for some reason, my codes aren't working. I want to be able to open up text files in Java without having to specify the encoding for the files that I'm going read, because I have no idea ...

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I have a real prob. I read a txt file DETAILx.TXT (replace x by any number) using jakarta commonIO.FileUtils without problems. I put all datas in a String and copy the String to a unique DETAIL.TXT (Merging txt file to make a big one). I try first with encoding "ISO-8859-1" and tried after with "windows-1252". When i open the DETAIL.TXT file ...